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    Scottish independence

    Luring Scots to Dark Side of Ethnic Nationalism in a Carnival of Europhilia

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    by Angus Gallagher

    Does the SNP stir its mass migration friendly eurosocialism with an ugly platform of racism?

    While the truly nauseating bias of the European mass media in favour of Scotland’s independence soars to dizzying heights of self-congratulatory europhilia, what Scots really think seems to have gotten lost in translation.

    Meanwhile, the SNP's openly Nazi rhetoric, including a word for word cut and paste from Mein Kampf, though aimed at the English, is played down by an EU scrambling to save face. Indeed, it wouldn't matter if the SNP were the Taliban right now, just so long as they provided the EU a way to both punish the upstart English and a path to the recovery of lost ground.  It’s not of course hard to see why the eurocrats and their largely leftist support base across the flailing EU are desperate to rescue their horrendously singed chestnuts from an increasingly incandescent pyre.

    As the EU implodes, Scotland seems to be the one silver lining in the rapidly dark cloud of EU disintegration. And if Scotland returned to the EU fold as an independent state, would that not be the perfect humiliation of those English pirates who have done so much to spread disharmony among the fraternal peoples of the glorious EU internationale?    

    The great dream of Britophobes everywhere has always been to sow discord between the Scots and the English. For centuries, the French absolutist monarchy had designs on Scotland, hypocritically latching onto Scottish independence whenever the opportunity arose, even as it peddled the worst tyranny in Europe: In the 16th century, Mary of Guise tried to foment a Franco-Scottish alliance that would allow the French monarchy to outflank its English rivals. Guise came to Scotland not only with French troops, but an ideology based on a united Europe dominated by the absolutist forces of the Counter Reformation.  Fast-forward 200 years later and the French were again at war with England only this time, as their invasion plans of England’s southern coast floundered, they sponsored the disastrous Jacobite rebellion.

    In both cases, these continental projects achieved the precise opposite to what they intended- after Guise’s death Scotland became Protestant and after the collapse of the Jacobite rebellion- English power magnified deep into the Highlands and the Clan system itself.

    Old Habits Die Hard

    In the 20th century, the Kaiser and then Adolf Hitler both dreamed of meddling in the Celtic fringe with arms supplies and even direct landings contemplated in Ireland. In the 1980s, Colonel Gaddafi funneled arms to the IRA fighting British rule in Ulster. Yet these interventions were just as doomed as September 1601’s Spanish landings in Ireland. In fact, whenever Britophobic forces have sought to use Celts for their own ends, Europe has reeled with broken teeth. But why are all outside interventions in the British Isles aimed at outfoxing England always predestined to fail- especially now?

    Firstly, Europeans foolishly project onto the Scots only what they wish to see. Ignorance of not only Celtic societies, but of their relationship with the English and Welsh and Northern Ireland, are unpalatable details no self-respecting Britophobe can ever allow to cloud his bigotry. The Scots must be portrayed as on the receiving end of English colonialism and centuries of intermarriage and a common historical experience where Scotland has provided England with some of it greatest monarchs are all just meddlesome details. Indeed, Highlanders were the shock troops of the British Empire with Scots among the main beneficiaries of British expansion from Canada to Australia- to the extent that casting the Scots as the losers of British history is rather like painting the Prussians as the victims of German unification, or the Cossacks as the victims of Tsardom.  

    Secondly, the Scots are always and simplistically portrayed as a nation that is universally, down to the last wee bairn, consumed with anti-English hatred. It’s a romantic image perhaps, but one that is as naïve as it is divisive. Thirdly, the Scots are always perceived to be by their would-be outsider rescuers as a singularly cohesive political force. Yet even the slightest degree of understanding of Scotland’s historical clan system, religious makeup, regional divisions, and highly individualistic character, would dictate that the Scots are the last people on earth Europeans should think of as a herd of sheep. But are these three factors that have always led to Europeans coming undone in Scotland still at work today?  

    The European Union seems oblivious to the nature of devolution in Scotland- that Scots not only have their own parliament, but are overrepresented in Westminster. Scottish MPs then have a say over English MPs, while English MPs have no say whatsoever over Scottish affairs. The Scottish parliament was established in 1999 and devolution continues to this day with the Scotland Act passed in 2016- the Scottish government a fully recognized element of the British constitution.

    This passing back of power to local people is in sharp contrast to the EU- which is intent on snatching power away from the grassroots.

    To pretend that Scots are incapable of racism obviously doesn’t fit into the EU’s narrative and that is most definitely so when its English people at risk of SNP bullying. The SNP has feverishly adopted eurosocialism and are perhaps the EU’s most outspoken supporters of mass migration. Anyone can be Scottish, so long as they have made it to Scottish territory- legally or illegally, and so long as they support Scottish independence.

    In other words, the test of Scottish identity is one that is one of political dependability- slavish gratitude to Sturgeon and the SNP.

    Yet even as the SNP embraces the world’s huddled masses to expand its power base in a way that puts Obama’s amnesties and Merkel’s schemes both to shame, the SNP’s cynical thinking is inevitably racist. This is so because everything the SNP believes in denies the possibility that English people in Scotland can ever be Scots. It’s a mistrustful racist stereotype not unlike that seen by certain nationalist tendencies in the CIS against ethnic Russians, or in the Baltic, or, for that matter, Ukraine. And it’s precisely what happens when a territory sets its independence dialogue within the divisive context of portraying the issue not as a constitutional matter, but as an ethnic struggle.

    Turning a Blind Eye

    The EU has a poor track record on confronting racism that targets those populations who do not fit into the eurosocialist oppression narrative. In the Baltic States and in Ukraine, the EU has always maintained a deafening silence to the racist abuse of ethnic Russians.

    The same is true for Serbs in Kosovo. Sturgeon knows full well that she can garner support from the gutter by playing on ethnic hatred against the English and that her subservience to multiculturalism renders her invulnerable to even a whiff of criticism. Far from condemning racism against the English in Scotland, no matter how crude and vile it might be, the EU would always be able to spin it into an anti-colonial bogus sob story that would inevitably appeal to both Europe’s extreme left and extreme right.

    The SNP doesn’t hide its hatred of the English- they flaunt it. In 2014, the head of the SNP’s University of Edinburgh branch racially abused even the British prime minister. Long before Sturgeon, Alex Salmond stoked racism against his own citizens in a bid to unify the SNP’s dwindling voter base. During the 2014 referendum campaign, the SNP leader Gordon Wilson used openly Nazi language calling England a ‘parasite nation’ and a ‘southern cancer.’

    In a paragraph ripped from Mein Kampf, Wilson declared:

    "The English are feeding off the lifeblood of the nation."

    What kind of twisted mind can produce such rhetoric and if that’s what’s said in public by SNP chiefs, what does the SNP get away with in private?

    While this might appeal to Nazis and leftist anti-imperialists on the lunatic fringes who believe the English are indeed truly evil, if not Zionist servants, and that England is ruled by a reptilian queen from another galaxy — it’s the sugar coating and hypocrisy by the multicultural EU that is the truly shocking part.

    That is the danger. No one is worried about the loonies, it’s the European Commission’s covert endorsement of racism in Scotland, a line of thinking identical to the EU’s racist urges that led it to support Banderists and Pravi Sektor death squads in Ukraine.

    The lesson is that wherever the EU needs to consolidate its power, flirting with Neo-Nazism is perfectly acceptable. The SNP stand in a long and despicable tradition of EU expansionism outsourced to Neo-Nazis in places as diverse as Croatia and the Baltic.

    On Scotland’s streets the results are tragic as the crude face of the SNP’s ethnic nationalism hurts innocent people for no other reason that their accent, or their name. It was inevitable that the SNP, just like Hitler’s SA, were able to turn racism into the politics of street intimidation during the 2014 referendum on Scottish independence when anti-English hate crimes spiked to appalling levels.

    One Step Forward — Three Back

    As the EU renews sanctions against Russia until Jan 2017, many claim that BREXIT will remove America’s most hawkish supporter from the European Council. The argument is entirely contradicted however by advocating for the readmission of Scotland to the EU. The SNP can be absolutely relied upon to tread the eurosocialist line and Washington’s diktats on any number of issues from sanctions and energy policy- to EU expansion eastwards. The SNP are ardent supporters of NATO and their October 2012 White Paper makes it clear that their first order of business in an independent Scotland will be to apply for NATO membership and that Scotland can offer ‘excellent conventional capabilities to the Alliance.’

    While Britophobes might celebrate the SNP’s beheading of the United Kingdom, an independent Scotland simply reestablishes America’s influence and the EU-NATO Axis’ expansionist drive eastwards: the SNP would provide the future lynchpin of an Atlantacism thoroughly polluted with the same type of racism as the Banderists and a renewed conviction within NATO that separatism pays.  All of this means that Britophobes will be unable to resist the trap of once again, as in so many times in the past, of falling prey to their own hateful delusions. When amateur geopolitics, bigotry, and the plain stupidity of Britophobia mix- the cocktail is an irresistible elixir to those misguided by hatred of Great Britain: for the plain truth is that by far the vast majority of Scots will not be suckered into the SNP’s rhetoric.  This brings us to the last point, the naive belief of outsiders that Scots are a singularly malleable force ripe for foreign manipulation, another and oft repeated historical conceit. The SNP itself is no mob united by a single battle cry and its post-BREXIT begging to the European Parliament only ever spoke for a minority of Scots. Even within the SNP itself, 29% supported Vote Leave.

    The SNP is then incapable of even mustering a real consensus on Scottish membership of the EU via independence within its own ranks, let alone the rest of the Scottish population.  In short, like Scotland’s most fervent Counter Reformation Catholics desperate to secure French support and the insurgent Jacobite clan lords plotting to restore the Stuarts, the SNP have sold the European Union a total lie: even despite BREXIT’s fallout, 44.7% of Scots against 41.9% in favour, refuse to consider a second Scottish independence referendum and therefore EU membership.

    The SNP have been feted in Brussels as the ‘true voice’ of Scotland. Yet this is only possible if the majority of Scots are ignored in the name of a master plan to clip England’s wings from the north. Humiliated and broken, the EU seems all too happy to believe what it wants to believe about Scotland and blinded by its hatred and fear of Great Britain, the eurocracy seems destined to wreck itself on Scotland’s unknown shores.  Trapped between cynical opportunists and the fool’s gold of the EU’s multicultural superstate, Scots have an ingrained cultural memory that this is far from the first time they have been asked to risk all for the hubris of others.    

    The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.


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