20:25 GMT30 July 2021
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    The new monster rookies are gearing up for their first-ever appearance.

    The upcoming group OMEGA X raised the enthusiasm for their debut by releasing a teaser video on 28 June.

    The exotic concept is reminiscent of a Western movie, and their 11 members display great visuals and bold dance performances.

    The title song of the same name as the first mini-album “Vamos” is hip-hop in genre, with the members' vocals and rapping dynamically in harmony with the exotic sound

    The band’s name, OMEGA X, comes from the last letter of the Greek alphabet, representing a new beginning and dream, while the “X” symbolises infinite love and hope.

    All 11 members of the group already have experience promoting as a K-pop band - Hangyeom is a former member of Seven O'clock; Jaehan is a former member of SPECTRUM and OneVoices; Hwichan is a current member of LIMITLESS; Sebin is currently a member of SNUPER; Taedong is a former member of the pre-debut group GIDONGDAE; Xen and Jehyun are former members of 1TEAM; Kevin, Junghoon, and Hyuk are former members of ENOi; and finally, Yechan is a former member of the project group 1THE9.

    Formed by SPIRE Entertainment, the band will release their debut album on 30 June.

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