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    The plane’s disappearance from radar screens could have been caused by US early warning aircraft, De Changy reportedly postulates.

    The mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 seven years ago has got yet another potential explanation, as investigative journalist Florence de Changy suggests that a certain branch of the US Armed Forces may have had a hand in that tragedy.

    In her book, titled "The Disappearing Act: The Impossible Case of MH370", De Changy argues that the airliner was actually carrying a shipment of "electronic equipment" to China, and that US Air Force sought to intercept this cargo, according to the Sun.

    The book reportedly claims that the airliner vanished from radar screens due to tracking technology being intercepted during the course of that operation, with two US Airborne Early Warning planes moving to block the target plane’s magnetic field.

    After an attempt to reroute the airliner’s course failed, the airliner was shot down, and "the matter has been feverishly covered up ever since," as the newspaper puts it.

    "The shooting down could have been a blunder, but it could have also been a last resort to stop the plane and its special cargo from falling into Chinese hands," De Changy reportedly states.

    Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared from radar with 239 passengers and crew on board on 8 March 2014, during a handover from Malaysian to Vietnamese air traffic controllers.

    Despite the abundance of theories about what happened to the airliner, its ultimate fate currently remains unknown.

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