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    Since the news that the idol is not single anymore shook the K-pop scene, fans have only been able to see the artist only once - and that was only in a photo taken when his co-members bid a farewell as the group's leader went off to the army.

    The day that many EXO-Ls (name for the fans of K-pop Kings EXO) maybe never thought would happen finally came to pass - one of the main vocalists of EXO, Chen, showed himself in public on 7 June. It was the first time he has been seen in public after five whole months of absence due to his marriage and the birth of his daughter.

    Fans noticed their favourite idol visiting the Inkigayo Show alongside other members of the group Sehun, Chanyeol and Kai, to show support for Baekhyun, another vocalist of the group, who recently released his second solo album “Delight”.

    Previously, the artist was spotted in a photo, when EXO members gathered together to send their leader Suho to the army to do his compulsory military service, but this was not enough for fans who have been dying to see live interactions between the band's members since the news of Chen's marriage first appeared in January.

    The update from fan sites on Chen's appearance on the music show on TV immediately went online bit the news seemed to divide fans once again: some of them were crying tears of joy at seeing their favourite idol, while others started the fight once again, demanding the departure of the talented singer from the group, as they still cannot forgive him the being a father and a husband.

    ​The appearance of Chen, real name Kim Jong-dae, wearing his wedding ring on his finger, became a hot topic and climbed to the top place worldwide alongside the related hashtags of support in Korean #첸_항상_응원할게 (Chen, we will always support you), with anti-fans trying to trend #김종대_나가_양심재기 (Kim Jongdae, go away and get a grip).

    The tweet says “a father cannot be an idol” and the picture says “F**k off and go away”.

    Still there seem to be more fans who support Chen and would be happy to see him back with the band.

    ​In January, Chen announced his marriage to his pregnant non-celebrity girlfriend and the news stirred a huge controversy in the world of K-pop, as Jongdae is the first EXO member to be married - and indeed the first in a whole generation of idols. After a private wedding ceremony, Chen became a father of a daughter on 29 April. Despite both these events making a lot of his fans mad, the artist's label SM Entertainment was quick to defend Chen and said he would continue his activities as a member of EXO.

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