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    Blinks are not going to stop trying to attract attention to the lack of promotion for one of the most famous K-pop girl bands.

    The fandom of Blackpink named Blinks went wild on 14 May: they sent a truck to the YG Entertainment building with demands for information about the group's comeback, that was announced without any specific details on 4 May.

    Almost two weeks have passed since the announcement that Blackpink are preparing for a comeback but fans have had zero teasers, nor any news, while debuting boy band “Treasure” under the same label has already got teasers, even though their debut is scheduled for July.

    ​Also, fans reminded YG once again that the agency has promised solo albums for all of its members since 2018, but only Jennie got it that year with her release entitled “Solo”.

    ​Full of anger, fans have been trending on Twitter hashtags directing their ire towards the management of the company in English - #NO_More_Lies_YG, and in Korean #남들_반만큼이라도_해봐_와2지 which addresses YG Entertainment saying: “do at least half of what others do”.

    Korean and English speaking fans are spreading the set of requirements by which they want their idols to be treated.

    ​The fandom already demanded the comeback for their favs last year but didn't get any or indeed any response from the company about it.

    ​Fans are urging the company to give the girl band a full-length album given that they only have released 14 songs in 4 years, reminding the company that Blackpink is still one of the most successful and record-breaking girl bands in K-pop history.

    ​YG has not yet responded to any of the Blinks' demands.

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