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    New regulations considering contracts' conclusion, workweek and travels abroad are expected to be implemented next year.

    South Korea's Ministry of Culture and Sports introduced on 11 December new regulations which will enter into force in 2020 regarding popular artists, entertainment industry workers, and associations that are involved in the music and art industry. These changes address issues such as standard contracts, 52-hour workweek and military service.

    Since the 52-hour workweek is applied to workplaces from this year and will continue to apply in companies next year too, as well the shortening of working hours that can be used in the field of popular culture and arts business with the help of a flexible working hour system.

    In addition to the standard contracts for singers and performers, the Ministry of Culture made an agreement to protect the rights of trainees.

    SuperM band
    SuperM band

    The newly established standards of exclusive contracts should not exceed three years after signing with trainees. The standard trainee contract regulation that was enacted in September ensures that a trainee’s contract period does not exceed three years, making it easier for them to debut or move to another agency. In exchange, trainees must faithfully follow the training provided by the agency and must not be or get involved in any situations that can be legally or socially problematic.

    Presently, those stars, who are over the age of 25 and have yet to carry out their mandatory military service duties must be granted “external travel permits” from the head of the Military Manpower Administration to travel abroad. Starting from next year, any required documents won’t be needed until the age of 27th. An idol should get a special recommendation from the head of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism to make activities abroad.

    In addition, there is a possibility to extend the validity of passports of celebrities who have not completed military service yet from one year to three years maximum for their overseas activities.

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