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    New Delhi (Sputnik): Indians from the lower caste, known as Dalits or "Untouchables", have started a massive campaign against Twitter, demanding that they be given a “rightful place” on the platform and that it stop using “blue ticks” to divide users.

    #CancelAllBlueTicksInIndia is trending on Twitter in India as thousands of people belonging to the marginalised lower caste Dalit community are fighting what they deem as discrimination on the micro-blogging site in the country.

    One of the most prominent voices of this movement is senior Indian columnist Dilip C. Mandal, who previously accused the micro-blogging platform of being discriminatory against people from the Scheduled Castes (SCs), Scheduled Tribes (STs), and Other Backward Castes (OBCs) in the country.

    According to the ancient hierarchy system of India, these castes have been placed right at the bottom of the societal-status pyramid for ages.

    While the social protest against Twitter’s alleged “casteist” policies have been going on since November last year, the cause gained momentum earlier this week after Mandal blamed Twitter for not verifying the profiles of eminent people from the “oppressed” community on its platform.

    Influenced and caught up in rage, netizens have been slamming, trolling, and threatening Twitter India and CEO Jack Dorsey, blaming the micro-blogging site for implementing what they call unequal and biased practices on its platform that has around 33 million users in the subcontinent.

    Recently, Twitter verified the profile of Indian Home Minister Amit Shah’s son Jai Shah, who only had 27 followers and one tweet - something which led netizens to demand that the platform disclose the criteria for adding a “blue tick” to a profile.

    ​In light of the accusations, Twitter India has claimed that the platform’s "commitment to inclusion and diversity is fundamental and crucial to the effectiveness of Twitter services" in India.

    “Members of marginalised groups come to Twitter every day to express themselves, shed light on important issues, and join a community of allies”, local media quoted a Twitter spokesperson as saying on Tuesday.

    This is not the first time that Twitter has been accused of being a “racism” promoting platform in India.

    Earlier in November, Dorsey kicked up a social media storm in the country after a picture of him holding a placard saying "smash Brahminical patriarchy" went viral on social networking platforms.

    ​The reference to “Brahmins”, the traditional priestly class who sit atop the caste hierarchy in the nation, outraged India’s majority Hindu community.

    At the time, Twitter India explained that the poster was handed to Dorsey by a Dalit activist when the platform hosted a closed-door discussion with a group of women to know more about their experience using the micro-blogging platform.


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