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    Indian Politician Lampooned for Saying Cow's Milk Contains Gold, Asking Beef Eaters to Have Dog Meat

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    New Delhi (Sputnik): A senior political leader in the Indian state of West Bengal has come under fire, inviting public ridicule for his explicit speech that attacked what he called “intellectuals eating beef”.

    A controversial Bharatiya Janata Party chief from West Bengal suggested that “intellectuals” refrain from eating beef in public places, and start eating dog meat as well. He went on to attack beef eaters, saying some "take pride in cleaning the excrements of their foreign pet dogs".

    Ghosh also warned beef eaters of the dire consequences for killing and consuming cows, which is a crime. 

    "The cow is our mother; we stay alive by consuming cow milk. If anyone misbehaves with my mother, I will treat them the way they should be treated. On the holy soil of India killing cows and consuming beef is a crime,” ANI quoted Ghosh as saying on the occasion of Gopashtam, a Hindu festival.

    Comparing foreign breeds and Indian breeds of cows, he went on to say 'desi' cow milk contains gold and that is why Indian cows have gold-coloured milk. He further made a bizarre remark, saying cows of foreign breeds are “aunties” and not “gaumata” (the term describing the status of cows being equal to the status of 'mothers' in Hinduism).

    The speech from the senior state politician was blatant enough to fall under the scrutiny of netizens, and the latter proceeded to slam the party leader for his statement and for threatening beef eaters.

    However, this is not the first time Ghosh has landed in hot water.
    Previously, he had threatened a police officer in the Medinipur district of West Bengal, saying people would not be able to find the body of the police officer if he continued to misbehave with his party workers.


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