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    A sceengrab of the clip showing a woman stripping off in the middle of the road in Singapore

    Watch: Woman Strips Down to Underwear in Bizarre Spat With Taxi Driver in Singapore

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    It’s unclear whether the exhibitionist passenger was intoxicated or on drugs as a police investigation continues. In any event, the woman has been arrested and is facing a hefty fine or even a jail term.

    A woman was filmed chasing a taxi driver down the road in downtown Singapore, before stripping off her clothes.

    An eyewitness going by the nickname Lawrence XiaoLong filmed the incident and uploaded a censored version to Facebook (click here to view).

    The clip starts with the barefoot passenger in a black dress, said to be 31 years old, already shouting while chasing the taxi driver – seen in a red shirt – who is running away to avoid confrontation.

    She hits him on the back before undressing and pulling down her panties. Another man, wearing a white shirt and squatting on the road as the scene unfolded, then approaches the woman and helps her pull her underwear back up while blocking her from going after the driver again. She then heads toward the car beginning to put her dress back on.

    Toward the end of the clip, the taxi driver is seen taking a photo of his left arm as if to capture evidence of scratches left by the woman.

    Lawrence wrote: “After having supper heading home, I heard loud shouting across the street, saw a lady kicking and damaging a cab. As I walked nearer, the lady was chasing the taxi driver, scratching him, throwing fists and handbag at him as he trying his best to protect himself.”

    She said the driver “didn’t lay any hands” on the passenger.  “I decided to record it, in case he needs help with evidence. I only ended up capturing this part. At least this video shows that the lady undressed herself.”

    It wasn’t clear from the footage if the woman was under the influence of alcohol or other substances, or what she was angry about.

    Police were called to the scene and arrested her for creating public nuisance. An investigation is underway.

    Under local laws, anyone convicted of causing a public nuisance may be fined up to S$1,000 (US$730). Those convicted of fighting in public may be imprisoned for up to a year, face a maximum fine of S$5,000 (US$3700), or both.

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