01:17 GMT05 June 2020
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    New Delhi (Sputnik): With the Government of India recently raising traffic violation penalties by multiple times, many people are finding themselves bewildered upon coming across a big challan (fine) almost anywhere in the country.

    In the latest, a truck driver was fined a whopping Rs. 205,000 (about $2,820), on Wednesday. It is perhaps the highest traffic penalty imposed under the amended Motor Vehicles Act in India so far.

    The truck driver stopped by traffic police on GT Karnal Road on the outskirts of Delhi and was penalised under multiple violations with the highest for having an overweight vehicle and lesser fines for issues with his driver's licence, pollution test certificate and registration certificate.

    This comes just days after a truck driver from the Indian State of Rajasthan was fined Rs. 150,000 for similar violations.
    The hefty penalties have left netizens gawking and caused a furore on social media.

    Others who were left amused by the incident took to Twitter sharing hilarious memes and jokes.

    In a lighter vein, another user said the truck driver might have to sell his kidney to pay the hefty fine.

    The move, however, was hailed by many who believe stringent laws are needed for the public good. Many have slammed the truckers for overloading, causing frequent accidents.

    In a separate incident involving an auto-rickshaw driver in the Indian state of Odisha, the police charged the driver a traffic violation fine of Rs. 47,500 ($662) . It raised many eyebrows, considering an auto-rickshaw driver on an average earns around Rs. 3,000 a day in cities. 

    In one incident, a resident of Delhi was recently fined Rs. 23,000 (about $320) recently in neighbouring Haryana state for a similar offence.

    The new laws have been grabbing media headlines since being imposed from 1 September with many people fuming over the penalties increased up to 10 times for some of the most common traffic violations.

    As per the Indian Foundation of Transport Research and Training survey, one in every three trucks in India is overloaded, and they account for 20% of road accidents.

    According to police, the truck was not only overloaded, but the construction material that it was carrying was not covered, a violation that causes air pollution. Overloaded trucks are one of the most hazardous kinds of vehicles on the road, leading to fatal injuries.


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