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    If you have ever wondered whether a glance from a stranger across the bar was a “look for love” or just scanning the room, a new iPhone application promises to solve the mystery once and for all. The creator is sure his app can give what Tinder and other dating services cannot deliver.

    An entrepreneur from Brisbane has set a goal to help those afraid to talk or flirt with a good-looking stranger in a bar with his app called Approach, The Daily Mail reports. Users of the application will be able to check if people around are up for a fling and eliminate the problem of not being sure what that look from across the room meant.

    The man behind the dating app, Craig Trevithick, explained that often you do not know if the person is even available or interested, leading you to make a “stumbly approach or you never do anything”.

    “This is different: if you see them, and you open Approach, you know they're single. You make your first move on your phone, because everyone's comfortable with that. If you say no that's the worst rejection will be - you won't have to make the walk of shame back”, he described the algorithm, going on to say that they have built an “ultimate wingman shall we say, that will encourage people to get back out and connect properly”.

    Although there are a lot of other dating apps on the market, Trevithick insisted that his product stands out. According to him, while apps like Tinder, Hinge, and others are “all about sitting at home swiping through hundreds and hundreds of conversations”, they will not help when you go out and see someone.

    However, the amazing tool to connect people will not be immediately available to all the lonely hearts around the globe, as only people at select venues in Queensland will get a chance to use the Approach app this year.


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