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    ‘Beijing Bikinis’ Under Threat as Chinese City Seeks to Clamp Down on ‘Uncivilised Phenomenon’

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    In the heat of summer Chinese men tend to roll their T-shirts up above their stomachs to help stay cool in a method said to be based on a traditional Chinese medicine theory.

    Chinese men have been banned from resorting to the widely used method of staying cool in the sweltering heat of summer – the so-called "Beijing bikinis" – after they were slammed as "uncivilised" by authorities in the city of Jinan, reports The Washington Post.

    Authorities in Jinan, a city of around 8.7 million people in Shandong Province, have ordered people to stop rolling up their shirts and resting them on their bellies in what has become known as “Beijing bikinis”.

    The cooling method is reportedly based on a theory in traditional Chinese medicine that baring the midriff helps air out of the warm "chi" energy around the internal organs.

    As the temperatures in Jinan soared to a sweltering 36C (96F) this week, the new notice also states members of the public should not remove their shirts while outside. The announced measure is part of authorities' broader attempt to rectify "uncivilised behaviour", such as public spitting, slurping soup too loudly, jaywalking and cutting in line.

    Jinan, sandwiched between Beijing and Shanghai, is the latest municipality to crack down on “casual exposure,” particularly among “bang ye,” or “exposing grandfathers.”

    Punishment now awaits those who are “not dressed properly in public”, with being shirtless and taking off shoes to air the feet considered worst, according to the Jinan local government.

    The new order has elicited a response on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, with many supporting the governments’ efforts.
    Others, however, called for old people to be left free to do what is customary to them.

    The Twitterati also had something to say about the authorities’ efforts to deal with "uncivilised behaviour".


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