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    The Malaysia Airlines’ Boeing 777 disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur 5 years ago. The plane has never been retrieved and an investigation into its disappearance has been unable to clarify what happened to the aircraft, prompting enthusiasts to guess and suggest their versions of those events, including the most unconventional theories.

    Citing some witnesses, MH370 enthusiast investigator Andre Milne has claimed the plane, which mysteriously vanished on 8 March 2014, had a double that landed in the Andaman Sea after cruising over the Maldives archipelago while the original Malaysia Airlines’ jet headed towards Cambodia. 

    “Following comparative analysis of the human witness testimony and raw electronic data from within the first 84 minutes of MH370 going missing, it has now become self-evident that an entirely separate aircraft other than MH370 was used during the overall forced disappearance of MH370”, he told the Daily Express.

    The outlet points to rumours about the plane flying to the US Naval island Diego Garcia, based on a Maldivian resident’s story about seeing and hearing a “low-flying jumbo jet” over their houses. Along with it, the conspiracy theorist used a report by Raja Dalelah Raja Latife about a plane in the waters off the Andaman archipelago on the day of the MH370’s disappearance. 

    It cited Milne, claiming that the Diego Garcia hypothesis “is exactly what the hijackers wanted the world to believe” and insisting that the data Russian ELINT military satellites corroborated the witnesses’ reports. However, he provided no evidence.

    “They flew so low over the Maldive Atolls to be witnessed by so many credible witnesses in order to create a false flag illusion that the US was responsible, before then cutting back the way they came to then do a soft ditch landing in the Andaman Sea”, he says.

    The investigator also pointed to the allegedly conflicting data from the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s official report on the missing plane. According to him, the jet was tracked on two completely different sites within 10 minutes.

     “As it is not possible for one missing aircraft to be identified in two entirely separate locations during the same time frame, the only logical conclusion is that an entirely separate decoy aircraft was used during the forced disappearance of MH370”, he claimed.

    The volunteer suggested investigating two leads, namely the crash of the decoy jet near the Andaman Islands and the Cambodian jungle site that he insists to be the final destination of the MH370.

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    Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 vanished above the South China Sea while en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur in March 2014, after making a leftward detour and flying toward the Indian Ocean; large-scale search operations launched after the plane’s disappearance have yielded no results. Back in 2015, several pieces, allegedly belonging to the missing Boeing were found on the shores of the Indian Ocean, but not all of them could be reliably tied to the plane. Their finding sparked a new search for the missing jet, which ended unsuccessfully.

    The world is still wondering what happened to the jet with numerous theories ranging from technical issues to a suicidal pilot. 


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