15:16 GMT16 June 2021
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    The primate came into the booth through the toll collection window and brazenly scrambled off with a stash full of notes.

    New Delhi (Sputnik): CCTV footage of a monkey robbing a toll tax booth official in northern India's Kanpur city has gone viral on the Internet.

    The 24-second video footage shows a person in a toll collection booth waiting for vehicles on the road to pull over and pay the toll. A white sedan arrives quite close to the booth's window. Suddenly, an Indian macaque travelling by the car jumps out of the driver's side and grabs away with currency notes stored there in different boxes.

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    The scared toll official manning the booth, who first looked stumped to find a monkey, took it for a tamed animal of the car driver trying to be playful. But the monkey suddenly pounces upon the cash kept there, and vanishes in no time out of the window.   

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    The video evoking laughter and some raised eyebrows on social media, and seemingly exposed just how crafty monkeys can be.


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