07:59 GMT09 March 2021
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    #TimeToTikTok is among the top trending hashtags on social media. The video-sharing app was banned in India by the Madras High Court earlier this month over concerns of child pornography and allegations of cultural degradation. The ban has since been lifted, albeit with some regulatory caveats.

    New Delhi (Sputnik): The internet in India is breaking into a meme fest as one of the most popular android and iphone apps, TikTok, will once again be downloadable from Google Play and the Apple app store because an Indian court has lifted its recent ban on the Chinese-owned video sharing app.

    The hashtag #TimeToTikTok is trending skyhigh. The lifting of the ban has served as a new muse among many meme creators.

    This is a photo scene meme from a Bollywood movie scene with exclamatory subtitles written in Hindi which can be translated as, "What! Really! I simply can't believe this!"

    ​This video meme is a slo-mo of a film-styled stunt. Part of the caption says, "So tik tok is back…….."

    ​This is a stereotypical meme of a die-hard TikTok fan. This character has been shared a lot on many social posts as ‘a person who loves TikTok like crazy'. The meme (an emotional still) suggested that it was him who brought TikTok back to life.

    ​A meme with a photo scene of a happy comedian from a Bollywood movie representing ‘user reactions'

    ​A meme of Flash mob concert captioned, "*Madras high court lifts ban on tik-tok* Tik-tok users:"

    ​Here is photo meme featuring cross-dressers posing with an 'attitude' resembling TikTok users' attitudes.

    #MadrasHighCourt lifts ban on #TikTok

    ​When #TikTok ban is finally lifted. 




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