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    The sister of a New Zealander on board the missing Malaysia Airlines plane has warned that even five years later the tragedy might repeat itself.

    Sara Norton, the sister of one of two New Zealanders on board MH370 told Radio NZ's Checkpoint that her family is still waiting for answers about the missing plane. She added that because it is still unknown as to how or why the plane vanished even after 5 years and two expensive searches, it could happen again. 

    “If it can happen to that plane and that plane can suddenly go missing and nobody knows where it is and that’s it, that’s the end of that plane, end of 239 people — then what’s to stop it happening to another plane? One that I might be on or one that you might be on or one that my children could be on, or someone else’s children?” she said.

    She noted that when it comes to the MH370 disappearance, “there are no definitive answers” and pointed out that no one seems to be concerned about it. She added that they also got a lot of “stick” from people who are saying after five years they should “be over it”.

    “I’m not entirely convinced that if it was their loved one on the plane that they would be over it, but that’s a lot of the feedback that was coming from people,” she said.

    Norton said that the Malaysian government had been difficult to deal with “the whole way through” and that the family were informed her brother was presumed dead by text message and since then neither the Malaysian government nor the New Zealand government has been in touch with the family.

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    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs told Checkpoint they provided consular assistance to deceased Paul Weeks’ family at the time, while the Defence Force said Orion and 40 personnel had spent 50 days searching for the missing plane.

    Over the years, multiple aviation experts and enthusiasts have come up with various explanations for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370's disappearance on 8 March 2014. The plane was carrying 239 passengers on board while flying to Beijing when it suddenly disappeared from radars. After four years of unsuccessful attempts to locate the plane, the Malaysian government ended its search in May 2018, admitting that they did not know what happened to the plane.


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