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    Conflict Between India, Pakistan Escalates Over Exchange of Airstrikes in Kashmir (106)

    On 27 February, Indian and Pakistani warplanes engaged in an air battle over Kashmir following New Delhi’s attack on a jihadist camp on the Pakistani side of the Line of Control a day earlier. The dogfight reportedly led to the downing of two Indian planes, as well as a Pakistani F-16.

    The Indian Air Force (IAF) has denied Islamabad’s claims that an Indian Su-30 fighter jet was downed during the February 27 air battle between the two countries’ warplanes.

    “False claim by Pakistan of shooting down a Su-30 appears to be a cover up for the loss of its own aircraft”, the IAF said in a statement.

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    The IAF added that its Mirage-2000, Su-30 and MiG-21 Bison aircraft “were involved in the engagement” after what it described as Pakistan’s attempt to attack Indian ground targets using Pakistani Air Force (PAF) planes.

    "During combat, use of F-16 by PAF and multiple launches of AMRAAM [air-to-air missile] were conclusively observed. Prompt and correct tactical action by Su-30 aircraft, in response to AMRAAM launch, defeated the missile”, the IAF pointed out.

    The statement came after IAF Air Vice Marshal RGK Kapoor said late last week that India’s MiG-21 Bison shot down a PAF F-16 on 27 February in an aerial incident in the contested province of Kashmir.

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    The PAF earlier denied that it had deployed F-16 aircraft during the February 27 air battle, stressing that no PAF aircraft had been hit and that India’s MiG-21 was downed over Pakistan.

    The pilot of the downed plane was handed over to India on 1 March in what Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan described as a "peace gesture".

    On 26 February, the IAF conducted an assault on an alleged terrorist base in the Pakistan-administered part of Kashmir, reportedly destroying several facilities. The air raid followed a suicide attack claimed by the Pakistan-based terrorist organisation Jaish-e-Mohammad on 14 February that killed over 40 Indian soldiers.

    India blamed Pakistan for harbouring and protecting terrorists, and also blames Islamabad for having a "direct hand" in the deadly incident – accusations that Pakistan vehemently denies.

    Conflict Between India, Pakistan Escalates Over Exchange of Airstrikes in Kashmir (106)


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