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    A woman, who remains anonymous, has accused co-founder of the Indian urban media company Homegrown and self-described feminist Varun Patra of harassment, saying that he had performed non-consensual acts when they had sex and recorded the intercourse on audio.

    Startupper Varun Patra and his website Homegrown landed in hot water after a woman came forward, accusing him of sexual misconduct. In an open letter, reportedly posted via a local artist’s social media account, she said that they had sex after a date in November, which he secretly recorded on audio.

    “We went to my room and had sex, in the middle of which he felt the need to stick his fingers in my a**. I told him not to do it, and he did it anyway, 3 times… Right after we finished, I saw him stop a recording on his phone”, the anonymous woman revealed, as cited by Rolling Stone India.

    She said that the man had admitted to her that she was not the only woman that he had recorded and explained that he had done it to protect himself from false accusations of sexual harassment with the #MeToo movement on the rise in India. Patra confirmed this in a statement to the local branch of Rolling Stone.

    “It came from a place of fear and uncertainty of how to navigate sex with somebody who I had not known for very long in the atmosphere of MeToo which I had already been introspecting on a lot. I was extremely anxious and fearful that any sexual activity, irrespective of consent, could be used against me”, he stated, also rejecting allegations by another woman that they had sex without protection.

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    In wake of the scandal, other women spoke out about the entrepreneur’s behaviour, contradicting his public position in media.

    ​However, others took Patra’s side and even praised his prudence.

    ​Following the uproar over the allegations of sexual misconduct, he stepped down as the head of marketing. The man explained his decision on Facebook, saying that he was “deeply apologetic” for his actions which “put a really bad light” on his partners and team working on creating a platform with a progressive agenda.


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