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    LIVE UPDATES: Over 200 Dead, Hundreds Injured as Tsunami Hits Indonesia

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    Hundreds of homes and public buildings have been destroyed as a result of the tsunami.

    The death toll in a tsunami that hit western Indonesia on Saturday rose to 222, Indonesia's national disaster agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said.

    According to the official, 843 others have been injured, while 28 are missing.

    "This number is predicted to increase because not all victims have been successfully evacuated, not all health centres have reported victims and not all locations have got complete data."

    According to local media outlets citing eyewitnesses, the recent tsunami may have been caused by an eruption of the Krakatau volcano.

    The western coast of Indonesia was hit by tsunami at 9:27 p.m. local time [14:27 GMT] on Saturday.

    The Sunda Strait, between the islands of Java and Sumatra, connects the Java Sea to the Indian Ocean. In September, at least 832 people were killed by a quake and tsunami that hit the city of Palu on the island of Sulawesi, east of Borneo.

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    • 05:30

      Tsunami Death Toll Hits 281, At Least 1000 Injured - Authorities

      The death toll from a volcano-triggered tsunami in Sunda Strait has climbed to 281, with more than 1,000 people injured, the Indonesian disaster agency said Monday.

    • 02:25

      State Department Has No Information on US Nationals Affected by Tsunami in Indonesia


      State Dept Has No Data on US Nationals Affected by Indonesian Tsunami

      WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The tsunami, which was triggered by a volcano eruption, struck the Indonesian coast in the Sunda Strait at 14:27 GMT on Saturday. According to media reports, over 200 people have been killed as a result of the disaster, while more than 800 others sustained injuries and some 30 went missing.
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    • 20:17

      US President Donald Trump Expresses Condolences Over Deadly Tsunami

    • 17:54

      5.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hits off Indonesian Island of Sumatra - EMSC

    • 13:53

      Death Toll From Indonesia Tsunami Rises to 222, 843 Injured - Officials

      Indonesia's disaster agency reported that the tsunami death toll climbed to 222, with 843 injured and 28 missing.

    • 13:03

      Putin Offers Condolences to Indonesian President Over Deadly Tsunami

      "Mr President, please accept my deepest condolences over the tragic consequences of the tsunami that hit the shores of the Sunda Strait", Putin said in a telegram to his Indonesian counterpart, Joko Widodo.

      A representative of the Russian Embassy in Jakarta, Denis Tetyushin, told Sputnik that there was no information at the moment about Russian citizens being among the victims.

      "There is no information about Russian citizens at the moment. We have sent a request and are waiting for official data from the authorities ... No lists of the victims and the injured have been published yet", Tetyushin said, adding that the region hit by the tsunami was not very popular with Russian tourists.

    • 12:47

      Several Hundred People Could Be Missing After Tsunami in Indonesia - Reports

      The number of missing people as a result of a tsunami in Indonesia could reach several hundred people, according to The Jakarta Post. The fate of the audience at the Seventeen concert on the beach that was struck by a devastating wave remains unknown, The Jakarta Post reported, citing eyewitnesses to the tragedy.

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      Multiple Houses Damaged or Destroyed in Tsunami (VIDEO)

    • 10:42

      Indonesian Disaster Agency Warns Another Tsunami Possible

    • 10:41

      Indonesian President Expresses 'Deep Grief for the Fallen Tsunami Victims' in Pandeglang, Serang and South Lampung

    • 10:39

      VIDEO of Destruction as Result of Indonesian Tsunami

    • 10:37

      WATCH Tsunami Wash Away Musical Band From Stage in Indonesia

      Ifan Seventeen Indonesia

      WATCH Tsunami Wash Away Music Group From Stage in Indonesia

      A tsunami hit the coastal area in Pandeglang regency and beaches around the Sunda Strait at 8:27 pm (1:27 pm GMT) on 22 December, leaving dozens of people dead and hundreds injured, according to local media reports.
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