09:43 GMT13 August 2020
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    In late September, the Philippine President hit out at the International Criminal Court, calling it "a bunch of criminals" for looking to investigate his ongoing war on drugs. After his 2016 election, Duterte launched a large-scale anti-drug campaign, which led to the killing of thousands of people during police raids.

    Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has staged another verbal attack on the International Criminal Court (ICC), which he claimed is nothing but a "creation" of the European Union, poised to spread its "international governance".

    "So why would I allow myself to be tried by a few idiot human beings in this world? [They say Duterte] 'is a monster.' So I'm not included in human rights. Find a court for monsters," he told the Filipino community in Papua New Guinea, referring to the ICC's push to investigate his war on drugs.

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    The remarks came after Duterte said in October that there was no way he would bow down to the ICC's probe, threatening to "slap all of you judges".

    In September, he slammed the ICC as "a bunch of criminals" and "bulls**ts", adding that if accusations that he was responsible for 4,000 deaths were true, it would stop him from going to a WC as "it would keep me busy 24 hours".

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    Earlier, Duterte campaigned on a promise to end drug-related crimes in his country. As a follow-up to his election promises, Duterte launched a massive anti-drug campaign, which led to the killing of thousands of people during police anti-drug raids.

    The president has been accused of violating human rights by campaigners and international organizations, which claimed that the real death toll of Duterte's drug war stands at more than 8,000 people. The Philippine officials insisted that they were allegedly drug dealers who resisted arrest.


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