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    Kinsey Golden, a model from Los Angeles, has been touring one of the Philippine islands with her boyfriend for several months now.

    The blonde, who has attracted more than 40,000 followers on Instagram, and her boyfriend, Trav Springer, were having a ride along one of the island’s busy roads with Kinsey sitting at the back of the motorbike and clinging to her shirtless boyfriend.

    Pictures show her wearing bikini pants and a white top, which went up a bit with the wind, exposing her back.

    Baby I’m untouchable ☁️

    Публикация от K I N S E Y G O L D E N (@kinseygolden) 7 Фев 2018 в 5:47 PST

    The  pair were stopped by road police officers on March 26 and asked to cover up.

    They were also warned they could be fined for wearing no helmets.

    Trav has told The Sun Online that they were really not aware they were violating any rules. He said: “We love the island and all the people, and hope we didn't offend anyone.

    Police reported that they "flagged down two indecent foreigners' and issued violation tickets before they allowed the love birds to continue their journey.

    Following the incident, the police reiterated that tourists should dress more modestly, "even if they are guests in this place.

    Kinsey recently posted on Instagram that they have been island hopping in the Philippines, a predominantly conservative Christian country, for months, and she "couldn’t be happier," since she has at long last found "the man of her dreams."

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