• Security forces inspect the site of a suicide attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, May 3 , 2017
    08:09 03.05.2017

    Afghan Interior Ministry Confirms Deaths of at Least 8 Civilians in Kabul Blast

  • China Ambulance
    05:33 03.05.2017

    Twelve People Killed by Blast During Construction of Railway Tunnel in China

  • Note found in a Wal-Mart purse claiming to be Chinese 'prisoner.'
    02:24 03.05.2017

    US Shopper Finds Chinese ‘Prisoner’s’ Cry for Help in Walmart Handbag

  • Motorists drive past stray cows roam on a road in Allahabad, India
    01:33 03.05.2017

    Muslims Beaten to Death by Hindu Mob Over Alleged Cow Theft

  • Military parade in North Korea
    00:06 03.05.2017

    North Korea Ratcheting Up Sub Missile Launch Program, Satellite Images Suggest