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    Two F/A-18 Super Hornets and two Royal Malaysian Air Force Mig 29 Fulcrum fly in formation above aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson

    Beijing ‘Opposes’ US Nuclear-Powered Carrier in South China Sea

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    On Thursday, Chinese defense officials announced that they are well aware of the recent deployment of the US Navy’s nuclear-powered USS Carl Vinson, to patrol the South China Sea in ‘routine operations,’ a move one Beijing official said that China opposes.

    The deployment of the USS Carl Vinson spurred Chinese officials to denounce the “relevant countries” involved in the carrier’s activities. Geng Shuang said Tuesday, “we oppose relevant countries threatening and undermining the sovereignty and security of coastal states under the pretext of such freedom.”

    Chinese officials have previously condemned ‘freedom of navigation’ patrols, arguing that they are cover for surveillance efforts, but defense ministry spokesman Ren Guoqiang softened that stance on Thursday, telling reporters in Beijing that, “of course, we also respect freedom of navigation and overflight for all countries in the South China Sea.”

    According to Ren, the situation is stable in the South China Sea and defense officials have a “grasp” on US aircraft carrier activities in the region. The USS Carl Vinson has completed 16 patrol circuits through the South China Sea during its 35-year history, according to the US Navy. 

    In an appearance before the US Senate, former ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson took a hawkish stance on the Spratly islands, arguing that China had behaved illegally in the region. Tillerson also threatened to prevent Chinese ships from accessing the disputed South, comments that spurred backlash from Beijing officials. A Global Times op-ed called the Secretary of State’s comments “unprofessional,” explicating that US attempts to blockade Chinese access through the South China Sea would lead to a “military clash.” 

    Meanwhile, Chinese lawmakers have announced revisions to a 1984 Maritime Traffic Safety Law that would give Chinese officials the authority to ban ships from entering what China considers to be its territorial waters. Under the proposed draft, non-Chinese military ships would be required to apply for pilotage if they desired to transit the South China Sea and ships that tried to avoid applying for a pilot’s license would be slapped with a fine between 300-500 yuan ($43,706-72,844). The draft is slated to become law in 2020, but will likely be met with resistance by the US, Sputnik reported


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    • American Socialist
      reminds me of a bully during my childhood. everyday, he waited for me to walk home from school, and in front of his friends, make fun of me. finally, after about a year of this, packed a knife in my schoolbag and told my parents. they agreed and said be careful. when he began to ridicule me for the last time, i dropped my bag and confronted him. he could see in my face and reaction i was dead serious and that i was not afraid and would no longer take any crap from him. After that day, instead of ridiculing me, he kept trying to be my friend. That's when i realized he's a loser and needed to make fun of me to make himself feel better.

      this is what China has to do. America is the bully. This will never stop until the day China has had enough and confronts America.
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      Haha, that's why your such a troll... Really a f n knife lmfao, you nerd.. You probably still live with mommy and daddy, don't u
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      The fact that the US carrier is Nuclear powered and is thus a floating hazard to anyone within a thousand miles should be grounds to prohibit it moving through what is a very long history of Chinese waters.
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      The Americans sailors parading like whores in the South China Sea looking for clients. No client shows up.
    • American Socialistin reply toluckys(Show commentHide comment)
      "bullies" are people who pick on victims who are smaller, can't fight back, and easy prey.

      unlike you, not everyone pops out of the wound with a black belt in Karate and muscles abound. Where i am from.. we carry guns. i didn't want to kill the guy.. but wanted something to protect myself incase the situation got out of control. thank god i did not have to use it. but the knife gave me courage to stand up to the bully.
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      More American "EXCELLENCE". We are a PROUD nation. (Sarcasm intended.)
    • dee_snutz
      Time to roast some Peking ducks.
    • 2007harleydavidsonsgin reply toAmerican Socialist(Show commentHide comment)
      American Socialist, dude the only gun you got is a dildo.
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      Matthewbleu2in reply toAmerican Socialist(Show commentHide comment)
      American Socialist, You are right. China must confront the bully, with nukes if necessary, if the bully blocks sea lanes and access to Chinese islands. The bully's carrier groups are sitting ducks.

      If China fails to stop the bully, Russia will be the next victim. Both China and Russia must have a military pact against the US and its evil NWO allies in Nato.
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      Matthewbleu2in reply todee_snutz(Show commentHide comment)
      dee_snutz, Sweet and Sour bald eagle will be a novelty in the South China Sea.
    • dee_snutzin reply toMatthewbleu2(Show commentHide comment)
      Matthewbleu2. They prefer dog sha bi.
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