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    Chinese dredging vessels in the waters around Mischief Reef in the disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, photographed by a USN surveillance aircraft in 2015

    Tillerson: Beijing's Illegal Actions in South China Sea Disregard Int'l Norms

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    US-Chinese Standoff in South China Sea (50)

    Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson described Beijing's actions in the South China Sea as "an illegal taking of disputed areas without regard for international norms".

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Beijing’s military actions and building in the disputed areas of the South China Sea are illegal and disregard international norms, Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson testified before the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday.

    "We should also acknowledge the realities about China. China’s island-building in the South China Sea is an illegal taking of disputed areas without regard for international norms," Tillerson stated.

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    US-Chinese Standoff in South China Sea (50)


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      Its south china sea .. not international sea or murican sea
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      But not as bad as the terrorist American government in disregarding international norms and starting unlawful wars on sovereign nations.
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      This man most probably does not know anything about China. His history manual was and is CNN. People to understand the Chinese has to go much before Jesus, where England and the USA did not exist yet in the word map. This is the problem with american people, more than 75% of its population know nothing about the world. Majority believe what the mass media let them to read, the same happen, in England where for example the monarchi live full time on what the papers are talking about the royal family. They belive fully in the polls.
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      Another azzclown hypocrite, since when has the us g ever recognised or followed or cared about international norms or laws hardly ever and certainly not inthe last 50 years if ever
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      China owns the Spratly islands since ancient times. The US has no claims on any of the Spartly islands and the US has not ratified the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

      Four Asean nations claim some features in the Spartly, namely the Philippines, 8 features, Brunei, 1 feature, Malaysia, 6 features and Vietnam, 29 features All the four nations have agreed to settle their claims with China is a peaceful manner. End of story.

      Three of the four claimants have build airstrips on the features claimed, except Brunei which only claims a small shoal. So if the three nations can build airstrips and buildings on the features they stole from China, why is it illegal for China to build an airstrip and infrastructures on her own properties?

      Rex Tillerson is under the wrong impression that China don't own these islands. This is not helpful. Ignorance breeds contempt.
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