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    Two Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) interceptors are launched during a successful intercept test. (File)

    US THAAD in Japan Aimed at Containing Russia, China's Nuclear Capabilities

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    Japanese Defense Minister Tomomi Inada plans to visit the US territory of Guam on Thursday in order to see the newest Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) in a search for better defense capabilities against a possible nuclear attack by North Korea.

    "The Defense Ministry has no concrete plan to introduce THAAD at this stage, but the installation of this kind of new asset can be one of the measures to reinforce our [missile defense] capabilities," Inada said at a press conference on Tuesday.

    She added that Japan is trying to find ways to strengthen its ballistic missile defense system, as North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs "pose a new level of threat."

    The Minister spoke two days after Pyongyang said it was not ruling out a new ballistic missile test “anytime anywhere.”

    In an interview with Sputnik China, Valery Kistanov, an expert at the Institute of the Far East in Moscow, said that Washington could pressure Tokyo to deploy THAAD missiles just like it previously did Seoul.

    “The US wants to station THAAD in the Far East as a vital element of its global missile shield program, which is primarily aimed against Russia. In Europe the Americans are deploying antimissiles in Romania and Poland and South Korea, and Japan are their key allies in the Far East,” Kistanov said.

    He added that on a strategic plane, the THAAD system was meant to contain Russia’s nuclear forces and also those of China, the more so now that China is seen in Japan as a major security threat.

    “The US, just like Japan, wants to contain China’s growing clout in the Asia-Pacific region. This is what President Obama wanted, but, judging from what Donald Trump is doing, he is going to stay this course, despite all his rhetoric about Japan and South Korea needing to care more about their own security,” Kistanov observed.

    With the Patriot PAC-3 missile defense system now stationed on its soil and Aegis warships guarding the country’s territorial waters, Japan already has everything it needs to handle a possible missile strike from North Korea.

    The THAAD system is designed to intercept short, medium and intermediate ballistic missiles at the terminal incoming stage. It also boasts a greater range compared to what Japan has today.

    In Moscow, military expert Vladimir Yevseyev still believes that the Pentagon overrates THAAD’s capabilities, just like it does Pyongyang’s missile potential.

    “Given [THAAD’s] questionable efficiency against a real missile attack, I would not be provoking other countries by going ahead with its deployment. China could respond to its appearance in Japan by deploying more medium-range missiles. This would undermine security in the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan,”

    Zhou Yongsheng, an expert with the Chinese Diplomatic Academy's International Relations Center, said that the deployment of the THAAD system in Japan would seriously boost Washington’s missile defense capability and also that of Japan.

    “Besides, this would also have a big impact on South Korea. China doesn't want to see THAAD in South Korea and it hopes that Seoul will not kowtow to the US on this issue. However, with the present state of relations between China and Japan, Beijing could be forced to take real, strategic measures against this system,” Zhou Yongsheng said.

    The Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD, which South Korea agreed in 2016 to be deployed on its territory by the end of 2017 with the stated aim of countering threats from North Korea, serves as one of the main irritants in relations between South Korea and China.

    China and Russia have repeatedly voiced opposition to the deployment of THAAD, arguing that its real aim was to deter the strategic weapon systems not only in the Korean peninsula’s North, but primarily in China's hinterlands and Russia's Far East regions.

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      If its overrated then why you so scared!? So stop worrying about what we do with our defensive weapons and where we put them.. Its not our fault Russia has no major allies to place their weapons in besides syria..
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      What many politicians say in Russia? OUR PARTNERS, we will talk about eliminating nukes .. We so SMART , that we cannot fix our nation but we believe in the will of the people. When is the next flower revolution?
      First you DO NOT help your enemies earn cash to buy weapons against you.
      Gorbachev intermediary weapons deal. Who cannot have them? RUSSIA, E.U CAN HAVE THEM DUMBO!!
      That's why Germany wants weapons reduction to make Russia a NOTHING that IF try testing a rocket get sanctioned at U,N Some people are SO STUPID, the world can't believe it.
      JAPAN , where Russia , Japan citizens live at KURIL'S. You MUST be an escapee from an autism sanitarium place.
      This was done at Sakhalin Island once!! Result? Japan ended up kicking the Russians off. With a sign no DOGS no Russians , beyond this point.
      So you can NEVER TRUST THAT. Invest? Maybe. But what Russia will receive a peace declaration? Just some toilet paper roll?
      Time Russia end up being the world's BUFFOON'S and wake up to reality.

      Lowering interest to 3 or 4% is wise. Will improve business development and jobs. Gov should be able to get at 2% or 1%.. To cover expenses.
      Russians can build roads, houses, buildings and get modern technologies to make in Russia by Russian's.
      Or Putin MAY love to hear.. Oh yeah, Putin knows we know how to build this, because WE built it.
      JAPAN is a WEST PUPPET , always been.
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      Cast blahblah no one reads your book of a comment
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      Yeah could be overrated but I don't think they would use it if it was not capable. They are always hitting ballistic missiles with other missiles and have a high hit rate probably now close to no misses. But you could try and see if works . So what's the problem with these as fat boy leader is playing with missiles and even Russia has a S-400 set up near their border as who knows where the kids rockets will end up. So SK and Japan don't have a right to protect their citizens?? Are you planning on hitting SK Japan or Guam? If not I wouldn't worry because they would be used to protect Us assets too but are for the 2 countries who feel threatened as boy leader in NK wants to blow up his neighbor.Also if there was an accidental launch towards Guam it could be taken out sooner and maybe prevent a accidental nuclear response. So they are there for the other nations but could be used to prevent a war if something flew by that shouldn't have. So although just extra because the ship's could hit the incoming missiles. But better to save lives of civilians But could even be used to protect you from an incoming missile because if no war we wouldn't let an unknown missile fly by so it is for mainly 2 non nuclear nations but can be used to help everyone. But if you planned on hitting these areas I could see where there might be an issue. But Guam could stop them and ships too so no big deal besides a launch on Guam would have all bombers scramble to take off. The only other option would be to let SK and Japan become nuclear powers as that is almost really needed for their protection. It would be like having a boy with an AK threatening you while you are panting a garden. SK and Japan only want to plant a garden without a crazy kid with rockets threatening them. The missiles are only to save lives not take them.
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