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    Apache Helicopter Firing Rockets

    Two Dozen Apache Choppers En Route To Seoul Over Growing Threats from Pyongyang

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    A US battalion of two dozen AH-64D Apache heavy attack choppers and 360 US troops will replace a division of 30 observation and light arms helicopters currently in service at Camp Humphreys in South Korea.

    "The rotational deployment of Apache helicopters is a demonstration of strong US will in implementing its security commitments," US Army Col. Rob Manning said recently. The move is expected to "significantly strengthen" military capabilities aimed at deterring North Korea’s leaders from maliciously launching an intercontinental ballistic missile, the colonel added.

    The fleet of Apaches expands the capabilities of the United States Forces Korea to include eliminating ground vehicle targets, hovercraft, and special operations units in North Korea, according to Kim Sung-min, a South Korean defense ministry official. The Boeing-manufactured Apaches usually pack a mix of air-to-surface "fire and forget" Hellfire missiles and Hydra 70 rocket pods.

    Pyongyang attempted to stir the pot Sunday when North Korea’s foreign ministry department stated "the US is wholly to blame" for the development of its missiles. Pentagon Defense Secretary Ashton Carter noted that the US would neutralize any missiles launched from North Korea directed at the US or an ally. Carter labeled Pyongyang a "serious threat" during an interview Sunday on Meet The Press.

    While 2017 brought a chorus of excited vows from those around the globe to eat healthier, exercise more, or be kinder, North Korean leader Kim Jung-un, took the New Year as an opportunity to tell the world his country was close to completing development of a long-range nuke. A spokesman for the DPRK promised that ICBMS may be fired "anytime and anywhere" as the "supreme" headquarters of the DPRK sees fit.

    Incoming US President Donald Trump made clear on January 2 that any threats posed by Pyongyang would be quelled.


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      Thousands of American tanks move to Europe because of the growing threat of Russia. Dozens of American Apaches helicopters move to South Korea because of North Korean threat. Big contracts and plenty of money for the suppliers of the tanks and helicopters. Big kickbacks for the American senators and representatives who voted for these contract. Big loss of money for the poor American working class who have to pay taxes to pay for these contracts.
    • Jeffrey Spinner
      @Tolerance, don't forget the 1,000 train car load of tanks, apcs and humvees to Poland landing from 3 US transport ships. What could go wrong?
      Either way, I didn't know that apaches hellfires could stop ICBMs. That must be a secret weapon we don't know about. More trying to kick off a war, cause obama and the bull girls don't want to leave.
    • hp b
      They should last an hour or maybe two..
    • avatar
      Impeachment was endowed upon South Korea by the powerful ally so that they can accelerate the placement of the THAAD system. Justification is in order, O america!
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