11:53 GMT31 October 2020
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    The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) on Tuesday rejected Russia's appeal against the decision of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), which bared the entire Russian team from the Paralympic Games 2016 in Rio. A Chinese expert considers the decision “politicized;” bloggers support the Russian Paralympic team.

    The IPC decided to suspend Russian Paralympic athletes on the basis of McLaren's report on the "doping program" in Russia, but the authors of this document refused to provide any specific proof of this theory.

    In 2012, Russia ranked second in the Summer Paralympic Games in London, winning 36 gold medals. The Winter Paralympic Games in Sochi ended with an unconditional victory for the Russians with 30 of the highest awards.

    "I consider this decision absolutely unfair to Russia. After all, the main purpose of the Paralympics is to allow people with disabilities to take part in the Games. Without having any basis at all, removing the whole Russian team from participating in the Paralympics is a very hasty decision. Or someone just tries to pursue their political goals this way," Professor of Beijing University of Physical Culture Yang Binsheng told in an interview to Sputnik.

    Chinese Internet users also reacted negatively to the reports of the Russian athletes ban. A lot of Weibo users expressed their sincere regret to the athletes and supported them with kind words.

    "Speaking frankly, the Paralympic Games athletes are strong-willed. Is it really normal to ostracize them this way?" one of the users asked. "My heart hurts for athletes," claimed another one.

    "In Russia, there is indeed a problem with doping, but banning all the athletes from participating in the Olympics… It's not fair," wrote another user.

    Many Chinese bloggers have considered the decision of the International Paralympic Committee politicized. They noted with regret that there is no Olympic spirit in the 2016 Games:

    "Although the Russians are taking dope, who would believe that this decision was not politically motivated? I am truly worried about the Russian Paralympians. Politics offset their efforts and work. One solution killed four years of training. If you lost, you can overcome it. However, the lack of opportunity to try your hand really makes people suffer."

    "The Olympic Games of NATO," ironically said WalkerYS.

    "Russia, keep the faith! Today, the Olympic Games have lost their original spirit; there is only politics left," another Weibo user wrote.

    "Do not turn sports competitions in a policy instrument."

    "Unscrupulous decision. People with disabilities were preparing for four years. Did they actually take dope? This is not only a ruthless and shameless decision, but also the loss of the original Olympic spirit of the competition," this comment became one of the most approved ones.


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