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    To some, Tasmania’s Eggs and Bacon Bay might seem like an innocuous toast to a well-known breakfast feast, however it has led to quite a stir, with animal rights group PETA campaigning to change the name of the coastal inlet in favor of a more vegan-friendly alternative.

    Concerned about the message such a name could send, the group wrote to the local Huon Valley council in Tasmania, urging councilors to change the name to Apple and Cherry Bay.

    "Obviously Tasmania is known as the Apple Isle and the Huon Valley produces a lot of apples and cherries, and we think it's a much better, kinder, compassionate and healthy name for this particular area," PETA Australia campaign coordinator Claire Fryer said.

    The Apple Shed Museum, Huon Valley, Tasmania
    © Flickr / Apple and Pear Australia Ltd
    The Apple Shed Museum, Huon Valley, Tasmania

    ​"Considering the high levels of cholesterol and saturated fat in both eggs and bacon, the area might as well be called Heart Attack Bay. This name change could be just what the doctor ordered."

    ​"It's going to remind people to stay away from fat-laden and high-cholesterol foods and focus on eating the fresh plant produce the valley has to offer."

    'Does Any Normal-Thinking Person Really Think That?'

    The plans have been met with bemusement and ridicule among locals, with Huon Valley deputy mayor Ian Paul describing the suggestions as "ludicrous."

    "I think the world has gone mad, I just can't barely believe it," he told the Guardian.

    ​"Does any normal-thinking person really think that?" he said.

    "To me, Eggs and Bacon bay doesn't mean anything more than a beautiful little beach out the back of Cygnet."

    ​It also created quite a stir on social media.

    ​Animal rights officials have taken aim at the non-vegan connotations associated with Eggs and Bacon Bay, amid tales the bay acquired its name after Lady Jane Franklin, the wife of 18th century governor John Franklin, who once ate bacon and eggs there.

    However nomenclature expert Wayne Smith said those assumptions were false.

    ​"No, that's absolutely not true," he told the ABC. "It was named a long time after she was around."

    According to Smith, Eggs and Bacon Bay's name derives from the red and yellow wildflowers of the same name found along its shores.

    ​Eggs and Bacon Bay is among a series of rather uncommon Tasmanian place names, which includes the locality of Nowhere Else, the town of Baghdad, and the hill known as Bob's Knobs.



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