10:17 GMT19 September 2020
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    A total ban on liquor is forcing people in Bihar to use soap, painkillers, cough syrups and spirits as a way to become intoxicated, with six dead already and over 900 others admitted to addiction centers.

    The Bihar government's decision to completely prohibit alcohol has created a new challenge for the administration. In trying to circumspect the new laws, alcoholics have devised new ways to counter the prohibition policy. Driven to near madness, people have started to eat soap, drink cough syrups, and injest painkillers and sedatives. Dangerously, some people have started consuming synthetic alcohol, a soft drink mix with industrial chemicals.

    Since the liquor ban came into effect, hundreds of people have reported to have been suffering from alcohol withdrawal symptoms. For the most serious of drinkers medical treatment is necessary to combat the life threatening withdrawal effects. In response, the government has created 38 addiction centers which have been flooded with people. According to a reports by the State Health Society of Bihar, over 900 alcoholics have been admitted in only a few days.

    "It may take some time <…> but the addicted persons can get well in rehabilitation centers," President of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) of Bihar Dr. Sunil Kumar said.

    "Initially, this kind of problems come <…> but with the help of medicines and proper counseling, the addiction can be cured," Dr. Binda Singh, a psychiatrist, stated.

    Although, the government has been widely lauded for adopting its draconian prohibition policy, the next big challenge will be provide an efficient system rehabilitate from addiction.


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