20:46 GMT24 November 2020
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    Tokyo has condemned North Korea’s launch of short range rockets in the direction of the Sea of Japan. The missiles were fired from the country’s eastern city of Wonsan and reportedly flew a distance of approximately three hundred miles.

    The development comes amid joint military drills between the US and South Korea. A record number of troops will take part in the drills, which will this time focus on a pre-emptive strike on simulated North Korean weapons silos.

    In response to the launch, the UN slapped the harshest instituted sanctions on Pyongyang, which violated the UNSC resolution. The DPRK denounced UN decision, calling it unfair and immoral.

    Kim Jong Un asked the military to be ready to use nuclear arsenal at any time. He noted that the country had managed to miniaturize nuclear warheads, which would soon be mounted on ballistic missiles.

    Christoph Bluth, Professor of International Relations and Security at the Division of Peace Studies at University of Bradford, told Radio Sputnik that Pyongyang’s belligerent rhetoric and actions do not bring desired effect. Mr Bruth also criticized South Korea for suspending cooperation with Pyongyang.

    “During these war games North Korea always mobilizes its entire force and they are lashing out because they think that these demonstrations of military force somehow have an effect.  But the problem is that over last year there has been less and less reaction to these and so they are not really getting any benefits from demonstrating their military capability.”

    He further spoke about how North Korea sees this as a provocation but on the other hand North Korea itself has been engaged in provocation with their launches which are against the UN Security resolution.

    “North Korea is the only country that tests nuclear warheads at the moment so the South Korea, US and even Russia had to react strongly.”

    Talking about South Korea’s reaction to this, the analyst said, “I think South Korea is making a big mistake by disengaging so strongly from North Korea because that means that the only country that has economic investment in the country is China and it’s not really in South Korea’s interest that North Korea be so dependent on China.”

    He spoke about the future of the relations between the two nations and whether a war is possible between the two.


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