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    U.S. and South Korean, left, army soldiers work together to set up a floating bridge on the Hantan river during a river crossing operation, part of an annual joint military exercise between South Korea and the United States

    US to Stage Massive 'Invasion' War Games Amid New Pyongyang Penalties

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    With harsh new sanctions placed on Pyongyang, Sarah Sloan of the ANSWER Coalition talks to Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear to discuss the impact of the move, as well as America’s upcoming war games simulating an invasion of North Korea.

    "[The sanctions] include mandatory inspections of cargo that is leaving and entering North Korea by sea or air, a ban of all sales or transfers of small arms and light weapons to Pyongyang, and the expulsion of diplomats from the North, who engage in what the resolution describes as illicit activities,'" Sloan tells Loud & Clear host Brian Becker.

    "The resolution also bans the export of coal, iron, and iron ore that are being used to fund North Korea’s nuclear or ballistic missile programs – allegedly, of course – and it prohibits all exports of gold, titanium ore, vanadium ore, and rare earth materials. It also bans aviation fuel exports to the country…"

    This is only a small sampling of the many penalties placed on North Korea by the UN Security Council. The sanctions came in response to Pyongyang’s test of a nuclear bomb in January, as well a satellite launch last month, which the UN determined was a veiled attempt to demonstrate North Korea’s long-range ballistic missile capabilities.

    While the United Nations insists that the sanctions will have no detrimental impact on the civilian population of the DPRK, collateral damage may be inevitable.

    "We saw this in Iraq, where the sanctions were imposed by the United Nations and they had a disastrous impact, where the United Nations own agencies…admitted that this was the case. That there were over 1 million children who had died as a direct result of the sanctions," Sloan says.

    "And there too, they claimed that they were sanctioning military items," she adds. "Sanctions really are a form of warfare. They’re used by the United States and other imperialist countries to try and have a quieter form of warfare."

    Sanctions can also only be yielded by powerful countries against smaller ones, like North Korea and Iraq.

    "What we saw take place in Iraq…certainly was an act of genocide against the population there, and that’s something that is happening now in North Korea," Sloan says.

    "The reality is that in North Korea, the government has done everything it can to elevate the standard of living of the people to deal with the fact that it’s had this sanctions regime imposed on it, and that despite the sanctions…they’ve done everything in their power to try to support and preserve and keep the population as healthy as possible…"

    These penalties also seem hypocritical given that world powers conduct the same type of tests for which Pyongyang is being punished. While the DPRK is being demonized for aggression, the United States is currently preparing to conduct military exercises which deliberately mimic an invasion of North Korea.

    Pyongyang even offered to cease its nuclear programs if the United States agreed to end these war games, but Washington declined.

    "It’s really an incredible thing where the United States works with South Korea…to carry out these war games immediately off the shores of North Korea that literally simulate the bombing, invasion, and complete destruction of the country at the same time that they’re openly threatening to carry out these acts if North Korea doesn’t bend to their will," Sloan says.

    "Everyone in North Korea…knows the great destruction that was reaped principally by the United States on the country…where there were millions of Korean people killed, where the country was divided, where families were separated, where the bombing carried out was so intense that the US bombers were complaining that they had no targets…left standing."


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      So if UN is not doing anything to stop the USA provocations against North Korea they would hardly get Russia and China support.
      So when Syria crises is not an option to profit from, they must have some other nation to wage war against.
      Certainly the success will be equal to the moon landing of '69 with the American flag blowing in the wind.
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      Randall Lee Hilburnin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, The sanctions are meant to soften up North Korea economically for an invasion. These maneuvers could be switched to the real thing at short notice or they could end. North Korea really can't know for sure just which it will be. At some point they may decide that it is the real thing and respond accordingly. Then the US will claim that they started it and will switch it to the real thing. If it turned out to be the real thing and NK didn't respond quickly enough they could soon be in serious trouble very quickly.
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      michaelin reply toRandall Lee Hilburn(Show commentHide comment)
      Randall, agreed this could be an opportunistic option for the us. Do you believe that there are enough pressures for them to take on NK though? Aren't there too many other distractions for them internally and externally at the present time? It does seem that this is a 'usual' state of play between the two sides. :)
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      The USA is the International Law. It does what it wants and please. Bully everyone that oppose its will. It is not North Korea missiles that matter, or its nukes it is because NK is one of the few communist country on the world. Russia is not communist now, but that is not enought to prevent sactions. China will be the next with its sea expansion. Who saction the USA, nobody. All the bodies created after WWII were created to defend the USA system of explotacion and self interest. See the EU, now is a puppet of the USA.
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      God damn the Unoted states of Israel.
    • avatar
      Sure. Why not hope for a mistake and see if we can have a world war. If we do I'm ok with it as long as America is fried first. Evil place.
    • drjasonsmithin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, I didn't keep listening - I can only take so much Trot crap. This blasting the US is just cover for attacking PRC and Russia for supporting the resolution. You need to go to some PSL meetings to hear what they are pushing in the way of educational material by Leon Trotsky and Sam Marcy to understand what they are really up to... right next door to their office on the same floor is the office of their front group Answer Coalition. Going into these offices you see the invites to their lectures on how great Trotsky and Marcy were. For some real data on Trotsky you might like to watch my lecture series on You Tube on the ABC's of Communism lecture and/or read my textbook - this years version is ABC's of Communism, Bolshevism 2016. Anyway the Becker brothers are the slimiest two I have ever seen. At least the Workers World group from which they split make no bones about their true views. The Beckers parade as communists!
    • drjasonsmithin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, my reply is below for some reason
    • avatar
      Becker should have disclosed that he is the National Coordinator for ANSWER and Sloan's boss, either directly or indirectly.
    • Ingimundar
      Those aren't schools of dolphins speeding east. Too purposed, too quiet.
    • Mother Gorilla
      "Pyongyang even offered to cease its nuclear programs if the United States agreed to end these war games, but Washington declined."

      Trigger-happy US can't seem to get enough crises on its hands.
    • avatar
      ptcjmin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, Just to look at the representatives of the WH, shown in this article, somehow makes one wish they could be wiped off the earth, as the countless times they have held their press conferences, have had such a destructional consequences for other peoples lifes. Actually it's like getting an allergic reaction.
    • avatar
      The one Who knows
      They need war sooo much - Ukraine failed, Syria is failing, Libya wasn't enough - they need war to put a stop to their gargantuan debt! Just like 'great' socialists Hitler - they know - during war you don't pay your debts! Check independenttrader.org/are-we-waiting-for-another-2008.html
    • Mystic-One
      The UN has turned from being a venue to discuss international issues between countries to a One World Government. The Bankers pay for it and the USA enforces it.
    • FlorianGeyerin reply toThe one Who knows(Show commentHide comment)
      The one Who knows,

      Would a civil war in America do the job? I am sure that there are a few countries willing to sell arms to both sides just to be helpful and ensure that democratic values are upheld in the US as well as Libya and Syria etc.
      I would be willing to put a few $ in the collection box as well.
    • avatar
      More tensions more contracts for US MIC.We're getting tired of this.
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      Randall Lee Hilburnin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, They have been vowing to take out North Korea for years. It has only been delayed because of the NK nuclear weapons program. I think the reasons for it are twofold. First is NK refuses to be another one of Washington's vassals. Especially when it comes to them refusing to be a part of the US dominated global financial system. The other is because of its strategic location, right on the border with China. But also most people tend to forget that in the extreme northeast corner of the country they also share a short border (approximately 50 miles) with Russia. This is why in my opinion they plan on the conquest of North Korea.

      Wrongly or not, I suspect that they may be of the opinion that they can successfully engage in a major way on two fronts at the same time. One is centered on the Ukraine. The other I think will be centered on North Korea.
      Them agreeing to the Syrian "ceasefire" and coming to an understanding with Iran is in part to allow them to concentrate sufficient assets in what they believe to be currently the most important theaters of action.

      Domestically the real US economy continues to deteriorate. They really have no idea how to go about fixing it in a way that will leave them still in control. So they will take the path that so many failing empires of the past have taken under similar circumstances. They will launch a war to get the peoples minds off of their domestic problems and get them to focus instead on the threat of a foreign enemy.

      But they are playing a very dangerous game with the North Koreans. Unless they can eliminate entirely their nuclear arsenal before they can launch, the North Koreans would have the potential of doing an awful lot of damage to US interests and territories in the western Pacific, even though it would obviously be impossible for them to win a nuclear exchange with the US. The leadership of the US is nothing if not reckless though.

      What I have laid out here is definitely a possible scenario as I see it, but obviously not a certainty.
    • avatar
      michaelin reply toRandall Lee Hilburn(Show commentHide comment)
      Randall thanks for the considered pov. :)
      I suppose that as I have read about similar things happening each year, then there is a form of complacency when I read of the latest round of tit for tat comments / actions. From what you say though, wouldn't the presence of China with its abilities be a stopping point as it were? Then there is the SCS fun and games... As you identify Russia would not be impressed with one or more mushroom clouds on the skyline...
      I also agree with your comment on the options of war for a failing nation, it makes one wonder about turkey... However, another question would be how long will the us economy survive (as in, how long is a piece of string?), there are many commentators around who are viewing the next 12 months as being a financial turning point.
      I don't know if winning would be the objective for the NK's - there may be other ways - look at germany after 1945....
      Events to watch..... Thanks
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      Randall Lee Hilburnin reply tomichael(Show commentHide comment)
      michael, Cross border "incidents" between the two Koreas were actually quiet common during the Cold War and both the USA and the USSR had to be very careful not to get sucked into a war with each other because of allies that neither country could fully control.

      I have heard speculation by what are supposed to be experts on the subject that China may very well be taking one position publicly and another one privately on the North Korean question and that this is serving to embolden NK and restrain the US.

      In my opinion, the bottom will finally fall out of the US economy after the next President, whomsoever they may be, takes office. That would mean that the US would have to make a move soon after the next President assumes the position.
    • avatar
      michaelin reply toRandall Lee Hilburn(Show commentHide comment)
      Randall, yes I believe that there are far more 'incidents' than are reported at any time - it would make things otherwise too dangerous.
      I'm not surprised about the two 'faces' option as it were, that seems to be the stock in trade for diplomacy.:)
      It seems then that for those in the 'know' that clinton would be the preferred hand puppet.
      Time to wait and see...:)
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