16:19 GMT +320 February 2017
    Two Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) interceptors are launched during a successful intercept test.

    US Sending Patriot Missile Battery to South Korea

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    The United States has deployed an additional Patriot missile battery in South Korea, in response to North Korea’s recent nuclear test and the launch of a long-range rocket into space, The Japan Times reports.

    TOKYO (Sputnik) – An air defense battery unit from Texas has been conducting ballistic missile training using the Patriot system at Osan Air Base in Pyeongtaek, south of Seoul, the newspaper said on Saturday citing the US military command.

    On Friday, US Secretary of State John Kerry and South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se agreed to continue to work together on reaching a vigorous international response to North Korea’s recent violations of UN Security Council resolutions.

    Last weekend, North Korea fired a long-range rocket to allegedly put a satellite into orbit, holding a rocket almost identical to ones used by Pyongyang to launch nuclear weapons. A UN Security Council resolution however, prohibits North Korea from firing rockets that could be used as ballistic missiles.

    Following the launch, the Pentagon said that Seoul and Washington would begin talks on the deployment of THAAD (Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense) anti-ballistic missile system to South Korea amid Pyongyang’s recent nuclear activities.

    In January, Pyongyang declared that it had successfully carried out a hydrogen bomb test, triggering condemnation from the international community.


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    • avatar
      Of course they send a missile battery. That's the goal of everything the US does.
    • Matrix 68
      This is really nothing new, there's been Patriots deployed in SK for many years already and everybody who matters has known this, including the DPRK.
    • avatar
      amazing how a small country like NK can mobilize a big power to spend so much. That small country must have some importance , then. Yet it has no bases outside its small geographical area. Why is that?
    • avatar
      teddy j
      russia ought to be very FIRM about this.

      it is NOT north korea that is the real source of tensions.
      in fact -- N KOREA wants to do business with countries - but PRESERVE its sovereignty like any other -- and is merely reacting - including its ''dictatorship" as a RESULT of decades of AMERICAN IMPERIAL CONTROL over the peninsula.

      SHOULD no korea have FALLEN TO REGIME CHANGE like in UKRAINE --

      CAN ANYONE - including russia and china -- SEE THAT it is not part of the PATTERN of american empire to ''push" towards the BORDERS of russia and china?

      therefore -- instead of ''criticizing" n korea -- regardless of what the ''western world opinion" dominance says (which should already have been clear in how the USA portrays RUSSIA NO MATTER what russia does) --

      russia ought to STATION S-400'S in North Korea.

      neither china nor russia should be APOLOGETIC about DEFENSE of n korea from american aggression --

      any more than RUSSIA has to apololize or give in to ''regime change against brutal tyrant ASSAD" IN the middle east.

      DIFFERENT ''DICTATORS" -- Different cultures -- sovereign countries that try to stand up to washington - each in their own ways with whatever means at their disposal (assad/ strong syrian army, etc -- n korea's nuclear deterrence that IRAQ AND LIBYA did not have -- and see what happened to THEM? )

      AND treat it as DEFENSE OF BOTH russian and chinese ''national interests" to KEEP the americans from ''prepositioning and encriclement" to china and russia...

      just like the USA DOES IN the middle east and europe.

      so -- really -- what'/s the PROBLEM ?

      russia and china should put their foot down NOT against N korea -- but CEMENT the defense of the EURASIAN MAINLAND from AMERICAN IMPERIAL DESIGNS!
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