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    Activists hold placards and chant slogans as they protest outside the offices of the Australian Immigration Department in Sydney, Australia, February 4, 2016

    Australia Will Deport Over 250 Refugees Suffering From Cancer

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    Canberra will deport 267 asylum seekers suffering from cancer and other terminal illnesses, Secretary of the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection Michael Pezzullo said Monday.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Last week, the High Court of Australia ruled that the country's practice of detaining migrants in offshore facilities in South Pacific islands was legal.

    "Refugees temporarily in Australia for medical treatment, or accompanying those in need of treatment, they will be returned to Nairu and Papua New Guinea as the case applies at the conclusion of their treatment," Pezzullo told during Australia’s Senate session.

    The government decision sparked condemnation from the United Nations and the international community and triggered nationwide rallies.

    Australia detains refugees who come to the country to seek asylum on the islands of Manus in Papua New Guinea and Nauru, a practice which has been criticized by rights groups for leaving refugees living in inhumane conditions.


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      That over used word 'refugee' does not apply to these people who came here via paid people smugglers on leaky boats during the open borders policy of the years under the Labor Party federal government (2008 -2013).

      Real refugees do not have the means to pay thousands of American dollars to people smugglers!

      All those who arrived destroyed any documentation that could identify them as criminals or terrorists or simply wanted by other countries for who knows what.

      And just because those who are now being sent back to detention where they belong while Australia receives and will care for 12,000 Syrians registered with the UN as refugees, does not entitle illegal boat people arrivals who paid to jump the refugee queue during the open border years to Australian generosity.

      And anything that comes out of the United Nations today must be treated with the scepticism, whatever it is that they push, deserves!

      As for those who took to protesting in the major cities - maybe it is time that people like that were forced to take in a so called refugee or two at their own expense and in their own homes!

      I wonder how many would have bothered to protest then?
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      vendorin reply toterryjohnodgers(Show commentHide comment)
      terryjohnodgers, Correct!
    • Capt'nSkippy !!!in reply toterryjohnodgers(Show commentHide comment)
      terryjohnodgers, How correct you are!!! But I will go further to say that there are too many that have never been here, shooting their loud mouths off about NOTHING that they have no clue to what the facts are, unless its in there face on the net. Unfortunately, we are just as multicultural as the septics (US), and also the EU, well, before its collapse because with its human tsunami of illegal asylum seekers. And the real true situation in the EU is only PARTIALLY being reported to the real truth to the matter, because real reports would lead to a all out civil war because gutless and cowardly politicians who do not want to be seen as racists or some sort of extremist. WOW, how sad would that be. Its OK to capitulate to a civil invasion by these so called third world refugee countries into the EU to destroy there culture and identity, but its unacceptable by them when there own CITIZENS are making it very clear to get them out, get rid of them.
      Also, all you so called humanitarian do gooders and civil libertarians go shut there mouths about Australias so called diabolical and discriminatory past. Go dig up your own countries back yard history before making comment about what is our business, NOT the whole farking worlds!!!
      As far as I am concerned they should stick the whole lot of them BACK to where they came from. Of course every one who reads this would say straight out that "YOUR A RACIST"!!! The fact is, if you want to come to this country you go through the correct channels of application to come here. Because they are SUPPOSEDLY running away from wars, these people get on a boat, with just a passport and float themselves out here, DO'S NOT make it the responsibility of the Australian government and people take them in.
      One thing I will draw particular attention on is it seems very clear as to there particular countries of CHOICE regarding seeking there asylum. I have not seen ANY reports of asylum seekers on mass, going into India, Pakistan, China and a number of other Asian countries. Why just to economically stable countries?
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      terryjohnodgersin reply toCapt'nSkippy !!!(Show commentHide comment)
      Skippy !!!, there will always be the useful idiots of any culture who will go along with the narrative as told by an elite who use emotive controls and responses as propaganda tools to further their agenda.

      Those 'useful idiots' should be pitied more than demonized. They have what I would term a cowards approach in confronting any issue that they perceive as being confrontational to their idealism or world view based on emotion and engaging in feel good thinking and seeming to do, rather than actually doing anything that is beneficial to society in general - excepting of course when they are stirred up by their puppet masters to take to the streets on their moral crusade to rid the world of 'Nazis and fascists' - when it is they who have turned into the very people that they choose to attack!

      Our universities have been at the forefront of our demise as a homogenous nation - we have now become a country of cultural tribes. It was from the universities that the 'sexual revolution' of the 1960s came about along with massive street marches over our involvement in Vietnam that led to some very provocative incidents that the then 'conservative' governments had no answer to - and a revolution it was because it opened the door to unmitigated socialism for which we are now paying a heavy price for in terms of loss of national identity and a mindset that relies on government handouts rather than individual initiative and reliance while being flooded with immigration from across the whole world that in the end will only further alienate those who call themselves Australian from the rest who live by their non-Australian culture.

      And we are all that much the poorer as a country because of it.
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      guys, I'll throw another snag on the barbie:)
      have you ever tried to reason with any of the supporters of 'refugees'? From my experience, there is a blindness, a desperately held belief that they hold 'higher values' than what 'you' do. I'm often reminded of the line from The Duellist "...the enemies of reason have a certain blind look..." They focus on the need of the individual human being, but not on motivations (which can not be known) or how the actions of both 'refugee' and 'socialist' (for want of a better term) can be manipulated.
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