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    A macaque monkey sits on a fence in a country park in Hong Kong.

    Unusual Alliance: China Recruited Troop of Monkeys Into Air Force

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    China’s army has recruited a troop of monkeys in order to help the air force keep the skies clear, China’s Central Television reported.

    The explanation for this unusual alliance is that The People's Liberation Army of China is facing a serious problem with birds. The birds have built nests in the trees surrounding the Chinese air bases. As a result, in the sky above the army base there are always a lot of birds that collide with the turbine aircraft engines and can lead to serious disasters.

    The monkeys have been employed to climb tall trees, destroy bird nests and keep flocks away from aircraft bases.

    “The use of monkeys is an innovative idea, which has been effective. They do their job better than people,” said Colonel Han Bin.

    It is reported that so far the anti-bird fighters have destroyed about 180 nests at the air base, located near Beijing. For their work the monkeys get rewarded with apples and other sweets by their trainers.

    In Russia, aviation security also seeks animal help. Last summer the ornithological service of the international airport of Rostov-on-Don added a new “patrol” — a falcon and a goshawk. These rare birds of prey strengthened the aviation patrol which already consisted of a golden eagle named Tamerlan, three falcons and a sparrow hawk.

    According to the company's employees, the recent addition of the birds will fully comply with the aviation safety of the aircraft as it will prevent the birds from entering the turbines.


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