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    'Sex Week': Danish Students to Explore Intimate Boundaries Nationwide

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    Up to 400,000 students of all ages in the nation of 5.5 million will take part in an awareness-raising week-long course of lessons, following a sex scandal involving underage youths that swept the nation.

    Half of Denmark's students will engage in the so-called "Sex Week" as part of a specially-designed recurring campaign to teach the younger generation about consent and boundaries within the intimate.

    The campaign involving 400,000 students and 14,000 educators is run by the Danish Family Planning Association (also known as DFPA or "Sex and Society") and is aimed at raising awareness about such issues as consent and reciprocity, especially online and in social media.

    The week-long programme has been inaugurated by Education Minister Merete Riisager.

    According to DFPA's national director Lene Stavngaard, the need for better education about limits for the accepted has been illustrated by last year's "Umbrella" case, in which hundreds of teenagers and young people were investigated by the police for sharing an intimate video of two teenagers.

    "We have chosen the topic of 'boundaries' because we think it's more relevant than ever before," Stavngaard said, as quoted by TV2.

    As part of its campaign, the DFPA will reach out to students of all ages.

    "In many ways, there is a need for both young people and adults to be prepared to navigate these boundaries and to learn about how to respect their own boundaries as well as others," Stavngaard said.

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    In January 2018, police announced that legal action was being against up to 1,000 young people for the distribution of two explicit videos and one image on Facebook. The videos showed a 15-year-old girl and a number of 15-year-old boys. While the police hesitated whether or not the suspected individuals broke Denmark's child pornography laws by sharing an explicit video involving minors, a trial case later resulted in an acquittal.

    Many young people and their parents were surprised about the consequences of sharing such a video, Stavngaard explained.

    "They were surprised about things like it being illegal, and that you can be given a conviction for it," she explained. "But also the fact that what happens on social media has consequences in the real world, including for the people in the video," she added.

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