02:54 GMT29 November 2020
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    Following a string of recent disasters including Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma, alongside unprecedented wildfires in California and shocking violence in the wake of the October 1 Las Vegas shooting massacre, several countries have posted new travel advisories cautioning citizens against US travel.

    According to Ed Daly, a spokesperson for the travel intelligence firm iJET International, "After a lull, there was a rash of incidents which happened one after the other and led to these advisories," according to the New York Times. 

    The Canadian government recently updated its travel advisory regarding the US, adding that travelers must keep in mind that "the possession of firearms and the frequency of violent crime are generally more prevalent in the US than in Canada."

    The Canadian government also warned its citizens not to travel to the California regions of Sonoma, Napa and Lake Mendocino due to a series of the largest and most destructive wildfires recorded to date.

    The UK updated its travel page to say that "terrorists are very likely to to carry out attacks in the USA" and that these attacks could occur "in places visited by foreigners." The UK travel site adds that "the post-storm environment in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands remains particularly fragile, with continuing power outages and unstable buildings."

    The Las Vegas shooting, that left 59 people dead, prompted the New Zealand government travel advisory website to post: "Active shooter incidents occur from time to time in the US." 

    Although Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade did not mention the Las Vegas shooting massacre, it did include a phrase stating that the increased threat of terrorism "should be borne in mind by Irish citizens living and working in the US."

    Germany's travel advisory is warning citizens to avoid urban centers and demonstrations. In addition, Berlin warned German nationals to avoid travel to Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and certain parts of Florida and Texas in the wake of hurricane destruction.


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