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    Japan's New Fashion Trend Celebrates Colorful Skin Tones (PHOTOS)

    CC BY 2.0 / Dick Thomas Johnson
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    Japanese fashion is well-known for being absolutely outlandish. One of the most recent head-turning trends is known as “remarkable skin.” Young people involved in this eye-popping craze look like aliens, with their skin painted in vibrant colors.

    A Japanese model and DJ called Miyako has become a new trend-setter in Japan. Miyako hit headlines with her insanely bright outfits, which include coloring her skin in all shades of the rainbow.

    Called "isshoku hada," which means "unique skin" or "remarkable skin," the new fashion trend involves the use of colorful body paint to recreate the magical appearance of different characters seen in anime, manga and video games.

    What started as an unusual fashion choice of Miyako, has now spread across thousands of her followers and turned into a whole new movement. The self-titled "Isshoku Hada Girls" are steadily gaining more attention around the country.

    ​Recently, a group of five girls graced their striking skin on the streets of Tokyo. As they posed for a series of photos, stunned passers-by couldn't help snapping pictures with outlandish ladies.


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