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    Turning Japanese: Penguin Mourns Separation With Anime Cutout, Melts Twitter

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    Humboldt penguin, who dwells in the Tobu Zoo in Japan, appeared heartbroken after he had to be temporarily separated from his beloved cardboard cutout of an anime character, prompting messages of sympathy and support from Twitter users.

    The threat of an incoming typhoon resulted in a tragedy for Grape-kun, a Humbolt penguin that lives in Japan's Tobu Zoo, who ended up separated from his beloved anime character cutout.

    Earlier this summer, the penguin attracted considerable media attention with the way he became attached to a 2D cutout of Hululu, an anthropomorphized female Humboldt penguin character from the popular anime series Kemono Friends.

    Grape-kun became so fascinated with the Hululu cutout that he kept staring at it, often refusing to eat of socialize with other penguins in the enclosure.

    However, the threat of an approaching storm has forced the zoo keepers to temporarily remove the cutout out of concern that it may become damaged by the tempest.

    ​The image of sad-looking Grape-kun staring at his beloved Hululu being taken away touched the hearts of many Twitter users who sought to express their sympathy for the little penguin’s plight.


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