08:29 GMT12 May 2021
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    Nintendo’s American Twitter account has just teased their followers with a couple of screen shots from their upcoming Super Mario Odyssey, and the Internet went completely berserk over the renewed appearance of the legendary video game hero.

    Nintendo's forthcoming video game is all set to show us a Mario we haven't seen before. For the Super Mario Odyssey release, which is due on October 27, 2017, the company's mascot character has stripped off, provided himself with nipples, dropped some extra pounds and has undergone laser tattoo removal.

    ​Twitter users were taken aback by the fact that bare-chested Mario has finally showed his areolas.

    One user noted this is probably the first appearance of Mario's nipples in public.

    ​Even Nintendo's colleagues in the gaming industry got involved in the discussion: Eric Stirpe, a lead writer working on one of Minecraft's games was surprised by Mario's nipples debut too.

    ​The "upgrade" of the former Italian plumber has even raised several challenging questions.

    Others couldn't help but give the video game hero the Photoshop treatment.

    Some hawk-eyed users noticed that Mario has apparently shaved his chest hair and looks more fit and slim, compared to the older series where he was seen with a pot- belly.

    ​Many fans of the games were also disappointed that the tattoo, which was once shown by the creators of the series, has disappeared from Mario's shoulder.


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