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    Zmey Gorynych sculpture in Lipetsk Region, Russia

    'Dracarys' Russian Style: Slavic Folklore Fire-Breathing Dragon Comes to Life

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    A dragon-like sculpture, which stands tall at a safari park in Lipetsk Region, Russia, looks like it’s been taken straight from a fairy tale! The huge three-headed serpent, which won hearts across the Internet last year, has just received a pair of wings and ability to spit fire for more resembling the famous ancient monster.

    Zmey Gorynych, a three-headed dragon-like creature from ancient Slavic folklore, has recently come to life in the Kudykina Gora park in Russia's Lipetsk Region.

    Made of a metal carcass and concrete, the 15-meter-tall sculpture of the serpent, which has been under construction since 2015, was furnished with massive wings and its very distinctive super power: all of its three heads now can spit fire!

    Sometimes during the night, the Russian mythical creature puts up such a spectacular fiery performance that neither Godzilla, nor the dragons of Game of Thrones' Daenerys Targaryen could imagine of doing the same.

    One of the most popular attractions of the park, Zmey Gorynych is a part of the exposition dedicated to Russian folklore creatures and fairy-tale characters. The gigantic dragon was created by Ukrainian sculptor Vladimir Kolesnikov.

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    In 2016, this serpent made a huge splash on Instagram after it was featured on the social network's official account and blog. At that time, Gorynych didn't have its wings yet, but still impressed users across the world with its terrific and terrifying appearance.


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