16:52 GMT31 July 2021
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    Much to the amusement of Twitter’s users, a pigeon and a parrot that live together in a family in Japan have developed a very strong bond. There is definitely not much family resemblance between these two, but does it even matter when they love each other so much?

    Twitter user @rereren925 from Japan keeps a fabulous feathered squad at home, which includes parrots and pigeons. Doves love to splash in a bowl of water.

    ​One of the pigeons named Poppo has become very close friends with Pippi, a yellow parakeet. It seems that these two literally take each other as siblings.

    Sometimes, the pigeon even gives Pippi a ride on his back! The birds' owner managed to capture several short videos of Pippi climbing on the larger bird's bird back and posted it online for the world to see.

    In this situation, Poppo acts like a patient adult, while the parrot behaves like a spoiled sibling.


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