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    French lifestyle blogger Rebecca Burger

    Fitness Blogger's Whipped Cream Death Is One Of World's Most Freakish Accidents

    © Photo: Instagram/@rebeccablikes
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    A French lifestyle blogger has been killed in a freak accident involving a whipped cream dispenser. Rebecca Burger's demise is the latest in a list of bizarre ways to be summoned by the Grim Reaper.

    ​Ms. Burger, 32, was apparently putting whipped cream on her dessert when the dispenser, which is powered by high pressure gas, exploded at her home in Mulhouse, eastern France.

    She was hit in the thorax and died of a cardiac arrest despite the attention of paramedics who rushed to her side.

    Her death, at the weekend, was announced on Instagram by her family, writing in French.

    A post shared by Rebecca Burger (@rebeccablikes) on Jun 21, 2017 at 9:07am PDT

    Ms. Burger was a well-known figure in France and had 154,000 followers on Instagram.

    One social media user wrote:

    "I'm so shocked. To leave this way so unjust and so tragic is so atrocious. She left by doing what she liked. Transmitting happiness to people." 

    Over the years people have died in a variety of accidents but only a handful fall into the category of completely freakish.

    In April this year a news reporter was killed by a bolt of lightning on live television in Dalian, China.

    Brazilian farmer Joao Maria de Souza, 45, died in 2013 when a cow which had climbed onto the roof of his house came crashing through the ceiling and landed on him as he slept in his bed. His wife survived.

    In 1974 Basil Brown, a health food nut, died at his home in Croydon, south London, after consuming ten gallons of carrot juice in the space of 10 days. 

    An inquest heard that Brown had died of an overdose of Vitamin A, which had caused his skin to turn yellow and fatally damaged his liver.

    In 1982 George Prior, 30, a US Navy lieutenant, fell down while playing golf in Arlington, Virginia. He had been complaining of a headache and had developed a rash.

    Lieut. Prior spent two weeks in holiday with a sky-high temperature and blisters all over his body before his major organs failed.

    An autopsy revealed he had died after developing a hyper-sensitive reaction to a fungicide that had been sprayed on the golf course a few days before.

    ​In September 1945, Harry Daghlian, a scientist working on the US atomic bomb died when he dropped a tungsten carbide brick onto a plutonium bomb-core.

    ​It went supercritical and he received a 510 rem dose of neutron radiation and died 25 days later.

    In 1998 an entire football team was killed by a single lightning bolt but their opponents escaped unscathed.

    The two teams were drawing 1-1 as the game in the Democratic Republic of Congo heading for injury time. Suddenly a flash of lightning killed 11 players from the visiting team but the hosts survived, leading to allegations of witchcraft in the local press.

    Canadian lawyer Garry Hoy was something of an eccentric and his party trick was to run across his office and hurl himself at a glass window in a bid to impress a group of interns and make a point about the strength of the glass.

    But he tried it one time too many. One day in July 1993 Hoy, 38, ran up to the window on the 24th floor of a building in downtown Toronto. Although the glass did not break, the frame popped out and he hurtled to his death. Three years later the legal implications of the incident led to the closure of Hoy's law firm.

    In August 2010 Vladimir Ladyzhensky, from Russia, was killed after collapsing during the final of the World Sauna Championships.

    ​Ladyzhensky and his great rival, Timo Kaukonen, both collapsed after spent six minutes in a sauna with a temperature of 110 degrees Celsius, but the Finn survived.

    ​One of the most famous freak deaths in Britain was the demise of the Conservative MP for Eastleigh, Stephen Milligan in February 1994.

    He was found by his secretary at his home in west London, naked except for a pair of women's stockings. His head was covered with a black plastic bag and an orange was in his mouth.

    ​An electrical flex was tied around his body and neck and an inquest ruled that he had died during an auto-erotic asphyxiation session, although some have floated conspiracy theories that he died because of his role at the Ministry of Defense.


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