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    Par for the Course: Ballsy Naked Golfers Strike a Blow for Equality in Oslo

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    Any pastime can be more fun if done without clothes, thought the organizers of Norway's first naked golf event. The event was held in cooperation with the youth group of the Norwegian Naturist League and despite all the laughs happened to be a serious part of a campaign for equality.

    The peculiar event, whose Facebook advertisement previously gathered thousands of comments and shares, was held behind curtained windows at Oslo Camping, which despite its misleading name is not a campsite but rather a bar and dance club in Oslo city center, which features an 18-hole indoor mini-golf track.

    "It's not that common with nudity in Oslo, so it will be fun to do this," Anders Gudmundstuen, Oslo Camping Manager and Co-owner told Norwegian TV-channel TV2.

    What could possibly become a wild free-for-all was in fact an organized event with firm rules. Mobile phones were strictly prohibited, whereas taking stealthy pics could result in a police report, along with having sex or indulging in obscene behavior. Obviously, this was not a problem, since the au naturale participants had nowhere to stick their smartphones.

    ​Furthermore, the participants, who had to be aged 18 and over, were specifically encouraged to respect the integrity of fellow golfers and were urged to refrain from staring at other people's private parts. Towels were allowed, but all other clothing bar shoes, socks and sandals had to go. There was no registration list, and all those who so desired could show up.

    Siv Aina Thorbjørnsen, the head of the Young Naturist Group in the Norwegian Naturist Association, admitted that luring fresh young members was part of the plot, while Stefan Mitchell-Lauridsen, a board member of the Oslo Naturist Society described the event as "revolutionary" and "having a broad generation spectrum," with people from late teens to mid-50s able to play mini-golf in the buff "without hassle," the Norwegian daily Aftenposten reported.

    "Of course, jokes about 'Holes-in-One,' clubs and balls abounded. It's fine, we're not going to have any moral police. Instead, people will be able to enjoy themselves," Thorbjørnsen told TV2.

    ​"Maybe this makes more people think that the body is only a body and that there's no harm in being naked," Anders Gudmundstuen concluded.

    According to Stefan Mitchell-Lauridsen, the idea was to provide people with an opportunity to be themselves, without feeling the strong body pressure in today's society. This thought was shared by Siv Aina Thorbjørnsen, who ventured that the sex pressure on today's youth was too great.

    "We invite new people regardless of whether they are male, female, white, black, disabled, young or old," Stefan Mitchell-Lauridsen said, suggesting a greater acceptance of other people in today's world. He also suggested a golf tournament between naturists and people with clothes on.

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