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    Nikita Golubev, a talented self-taught artist from Moscow creates original paintings, but instead of canvases he uses… dirty cars! The more dirt, the better the "canvases" are. Looks like the owners whose cars haven’t been washed for ages have just received an excuse.

    Nikita has already become a local sensation: his Dirty Art has earned him popularity on social media and TV. Nikita first started painting "car graffiti" in the beginning of April, and he uploads his new "works" frequently to Instagram.

    The artist believes that his art cheers up not only passers-by, but also the vehicle owners, who now have a given a good reason for not washing their cars. One of the owners was so happy with his car's transformation so that he found Golubev and asked him to repeat the same picture in paints.

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    Публикация от Nikita Golubev (@proboynick) Мар 31 2017 в 1:00 PDT

    Working with dust on the cars requires immense accuracy and  leaves no room for mistakes — once you erase the dirt you can't put it back on. Golubev creates his masterpieces with his hands while wearing gloves and sometimes uses a paint brush to draw the finer details.

    While one piece takes about half an hour of work, the search for proper "canvases" with "high-quality" mud consumes much more time. According to the artist, rear doors of light trucks like the GAZ Gazelle are the best.

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    Публикация от Nikita Golubev (@proboynick) Апр 11 2017 в 11:35 PDT

    Usually, Golubev creates his dirt car art early in the morning, when he can work quietly while the car owner is still having breakfast. Without a professional education, the artist relies on inspiration. Most often he paints exotic animals, signing them with his pseudonym, proboynick.

    Though his creations disappear quite quickly in real life, they continue living in social networks in the form of photos and videos.


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