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    The Russian city of Krasnoyarsk celebrated the outgoing ski season in a very odd way. On April 16, the city park “Bobrovy log” (“Beaver den”) hosted "Gornoluzhnik," a fun annual competition among downhill skiers and snowboarders who try to jump over the 25-meter puddle.

    In 2017, "Gornoluzhnik" was held for the tenth time. The name of the crazy contest comes from a mixture of Russian words "gornolyzhnik" (downhill skier) and "luzha" (a puddle), pointing to the main feature of the event — the 25-meter-long puddle.

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    According to the rules, participants have to wear unusual costumes and descend down the track trying to escape the puddle or at least to get out of it as dry as possible.

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    It's up to you to decide what's crazier, the contest itself or its participants in their absolutely inconceivable outfits.

    Despite being held at the same time as Easter, the competition was very popular among the participants and the audience, judging by the pictures and videos published on social networks. According to the organizers, 90 daredevils of all ages tried to conquer the puddle this year, but only six of them managed to do it without getting wet.


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