03:09 GMT05 December 2020
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    A Russian consulting company Sravni.ru opened a temporary position for a daredevil willing to risk his life and limb to personally gauge the risks in extreme tourism.

    The company’s experimental analytics department seeks to hire a "fearless" extreme sports enthusiast as an insured event tester to help determine possible risks faced by extreme tourists abroad.

    All applicants need to have at least Upper Intermediate level in English and a valid Category A and B driving license.

    The tester would have to travel all over the world while engaging in a variety of thrill-seeking experiences like base jumping and skydiving. Naturally, all expenses will be paid by the company, not to mention that the tester will be paid a monthly salary of up to $4,200 and provided with a full insurance coverage (courtesy of the company, of course).

    "There will be many different attempts: mountain slalom, diving, skydiving and even swimming with sharks. Maybe they’ll reveal that insured events occur rarely or maybe the tester will run into one during the first attempt. We don’t anything for sure, which is why this is an experimental position, for three months only," Evgeniy Korotaev, Business Development Director at Sravni.ru and the person in charge of this project, told Sputnik.

    He also added that while it would be extremely unfortunate if the tester sustains some kind of injury during these activities, interacting with insurance companies will also be a part of his or her job.

    "When a man travels somewhere to engage in extreme sports, like freeriding, his insurance usually doesn’t cover this kind of risk. So if something happens to him, the insurance company doesn’t pay him a cent and he has to pay for his treatment," he remarked.

    According to Korotaev, Sravni.ru wants to establish the likelihood of extreme sports enthusiasts running into insured events, as well as to determine what kind of injuries or traumas a person may sustain in order to offer more detailed and comprehensive insurance advice to their clients.

    Furthermore, Sravni.ru wishes to determine how various insurance companies abroad and their partners react to an insured event: while some insurance firms are always eager to assist their injured clients, others are often keen to shirk their responsibilities

    He also added that their job offer has already attracted considerable attention, with about 200 to 300 applications being submitted each day, but only one person, willing to risk life and limb for money, will be able to land this ‘dream job’.

    "People travelling abroad need to understand what insurance is and what risks they may face at their destination: you’re going to be alone out there and no one is going to help you there for free," Korotaev warned.


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