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    From Tibet to Nepal: CIA Declassifies Files on UFO Sightings Over Himalayas

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    The CIA recently declassified a selection of documents, in total about 13 million pages. The release included more than mundane analytical reports, with the agency’s investigation into UFO sightings finally now revealed.

    The CIA archives show that American spies were interested in UFO phenomenon not just inside the United States and Western Europe, but also sightings were being studied over the Himalaya Mountains.

    In 1968, the CIA reported six cases of UFO sighting in the skies over the Indian region of Ladakh and Sikkim and over the countries of Bhutan and Nepal.

    Nepal and Sikkim

    On February 19, 1968, a bright object moving at high speed was seen in the sky over the north-eastern Nepal and Sikkim in the north around 21:00 local time.

    CIA document Nepal and Sikkim
    CIA document on Nepal and Sikkim

    According to the document, the object was moving at a high speed; it had an elongated shape and was emitting rays of red and green light.

    “A fast-moving object, long and thin, emitting red and green bright light, as bright as to cause day-light. Thunder sound heard after few seconds of sighting of object,” the document read.


    On February 21, 1968, the CIA reported the observation of another UFO over the capital of Bhutan, Thimpu.

    It said that the object gave out a bluish glow and was moving absolutely silently. It further said that the object was moving at a high speed.

    CIA document on Bhutan
    CIA document on Bhutan

    The document read that the object was moving, “East to West. However, since due east of Thimpu there is nothing but Indian Territory the direction of flight could well be from North-east to South-west, that is, from the direction of Tibet.”


    On March 4, 1968, an unidentified object was seen moving from east to west near the Chang La pass. It flew over the base of the Indian Air Force, in the Fukche and Koyul areas.

    “One white light and simultaneously two blasting sounds were heard. Also, one reddish light followed by white smoke,” the CIA report read.

    CIA document on Ladakh
    CIA document on Ladakh


    The most interesting thing in this report is an observation that was made on March 25, 1968 in the Kaski district in north-west Nepal.

    “A huge metallic disc-shaped object with a six-foot base and four feet in height was found in a crater at Baltichaur, five miles NE of Pokhara,” the report said. Another said, “One white light and simultaneously two blasting sounds were heard. Also, one reddish light followed by white smoke.”

    The report further added that similar objects were found in Talakote and Turepasale region.

    Donald E. Keyoe and Dr. Edward Condon
    Donald E. Keyoe and Dr. Edward Condon

    It was prepared for “controlled distribution” and was declassified in 2001. On its cover there is a photo of Donald E. Keyoe, director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena from 1957 to 1969 and a photo of the nuclear physicist Dr. Edward Condon, former head of the National Bureau of Standards.

    From 2016, the CIA has regularly made public its internal secret documents related to UFO phenomenon. However, one of the documents reveals that at least 20% of declassified UFO-related papers have no scientific explanation.


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      UFO exists as UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Objects and I do not see anything strange in that. We are encountering so many UFO's on a daily basis as every object which we cannot identified is for us UFO until its identification is known. Every military jet with transponder turned off is for a while UFO until not fully identified. So no panic and no mystery there, all is perfectly clear once cleared, however we know that people in general refer UFO to alien space craft making an uninvited visit to our planet.

      Whoever knows anything about Universe will understand that it is infinitely huge and we can only estimated its size, however for the foreseeable future it will be inaccessible to us due to million problems and we did not solve any of them yet.

      It is my understanding that same problems we foresee now are the same problems eventual alien intelligent sentient had as well. If they overcome them than we with our civilisation are nothing better to them than ants are for us. We are curious to study ant's social life and their constructional achievements but nothing more as we have no interests in learning absolutely nothing about them beyond basic interest and curiosity. Surely we are not interested in their communication and other skills. Imagine now space travellers who mastered FTL travel and their civilisation is beyond anything we can understand let alone copy what would good do to us to study their technology.

      Imagine for a moment indigenous Amazon rainforest tribes on a stone age level how much interest they would show to understand us to use and understand how our computers work? Their interest would be only to kill us and cooking good soup with our body parts. Now let say we scare them and they become scared of us and do not touch us and not place us on their menu list and we want to level their knowledge with ours, would they be able to bridge a hundred of thousands years gap between our knowledge and understanding the things. Here we do not mention that we would infect and kill them with our absolutely normal and benign deceases such as ordinary cold or any other infection we are not even aware off.

      Aliens would have same problem and there would be no benefit for them to interfere in our life they are no longer physically present on this planet and all of these UFO we see are just their automated monitoring stations which are performing duty of monitoring and registering our progress and once we achieve certain level when we will be able to comprehend certain knowledge and possible developments, then and only then they will communicate their home planet and possibly send a mission to contact us. I believe that it will not happen before we master interstellar travel with speeds close to speed of light, then they might decide to help us to develop FTL travel as if that happens they have to be sure that we do not pose any threat what so ever to any possible sentient being we encounter.

      Whoever believes that aliens would and will give us access to most powerful and destructive anti matter weapons is absolutely wrong and has no intelligence to understand higher civilisation and their motivations. If they would be for destruction and aggression we would no more exist and no Hollywood movie scenario would save us. So cool down there are no aliens on Earth as they have no incentive to be here and learn anything useful from us same as we cannot learn anything technologically useful from indigenous Amazon forest tribes. There simply is no other reason why civilization older millions of years than we, which reached our current development level million years before us. Think twice before you even try to oppose this logic.
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      the cia were probably looking into such events as they figured that they might be on the track of soviet aircraft of the time.
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      Free indoctrination!!!!!!!
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