17:25 GMT29 July 2021
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    Norwegian Gunn Narten became an Internet sensation after Instagram users, followed by major news outlets, crowned her the world’s fittest and hottest female firefighter. However, only skills and experience count for such a responsible service, she told Sputnik.

    Gunn combines her service in a fire brigade with fitness training. She works as a personal instructor and shares some advice on her Instagram account, which is followed by more than 57,000 people.

    The gorgeous lady admits that she decided to become a firefighter when she was 19. All she wanted is to be active and enjoy working in a team. When she was applying for job in the fire department, her mother found it strange and wondered why she would do this. But why not?

    Gunn is the only lady in her department. But work is work; she doesn't get any "special treatment" from her male coworkers:

    "The men I work with treat me like they treat any other colleague. I would say it doesn't matter if you are a male or a female. We go through the same physical tests to get the job. Of course, a woman can never be as strong as a man, but there is so much more to the profession than raw strength. How you solve a problem, how you work in a team and the ability to improvise, for example," she told Sputnik.

    The 30-year-old female firefighter looks like "a cover girl." And, actually, she is: Gunn occasionally receives modeling offers:

    "I have worked as a model from time to time. It's fun, but I only take jobs that I think represent a healthy lifestyle with 'normal weighted models,'" the woman revealed.

    Judging by her Instagram, such models are capable of lifting a truck on their shoulders. Can she really do it?

    "Haha! Of course! It's not THAT heavy!" Gunn said.

    She calls herself "a small town girl" and shows sincere surprise to her unexpected worldwide fame. However, her life hasn't changed much:

    "No, my life has not changed. But I get a lot of messages, phone calls and new followers on Instagram, mostly positive!"


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