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    Look Into My Eyes: The Art of Hypnotizing Employees to Coach Them

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    A new method called 'hypnovation' (hipnovación) – the word itself is an amalgam of 'hypnosis' and 'innovation' – is a new and interesting technique that may well revolutionize coaching around the world.

    About ten years ago, attorney Gonzalo Le Blanc together with a medical specialist named Daniel West started studying the workings of the human brain to find a practical application for neurobiology in business, eventually turning their attention to hypnosis.

    "Our primary goal was to find out what exactly hypnosis is and what kind of potential it has. By replicating certain experiments conducted in US and European universities, we’ve learned that this method offers many opportunities: hypnosis can be successfully used to relieve pain, deal with phobias, and control stress and anxiety," Le Blanc told Sputnik Mundo.

    The two entrepreneurs firmly believe that as companies are comprised of people, then ‘adjusting’ these people would allow the companies to remain successful during these times of change.

    "People believe that entering a state of hypnosis would allow them to see a new wonderful world. The truth however is a bit different. Some people experience sporadic memory lapses while others clearly remember everything and can do anything without violating their moral principles," he explained.

    He pointed out that basically all people are in some way susceptible to hypnosis as there is a great variety of special techniques which can be tailored to accommodate any person.

    Their project eventually bore fruit, and now their company, Le Blanc & West, holds conferences all over South America, in Spain and in the US, spreading the word about hypnovation.

    "It’s difficult to change the behavior of people working in successful companies. Our brain tells us that we should not change a formula that got it here. But the companies that don’t change and evolve end up dead. Our interventions are aimed at generating a culture of change in companies," Le Blanc concluded.


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