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    Meet Mr. Incredibeard, the Master of Beard Transformation

    Meet Mr. Incredibeard, the Master of Beard Transformation (PHOTOS)

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    Isaiah Webb, known to the world as Incredibeard, took his facial hair styling to the next level, he turned it in a buzzworthy art! In an interview to Sputnik, Isaiah shared the story behind his beard, which made him “famous” on social media.

    Regina Konstantinova — Isaiah's beard can take literally any shape and his beard experiments have gained him over 753,000 followers on Facebook and over 156,000 followers on Instagram:

    "This started when my wife suggested I grow out my beard. When the beard was getting long enough to move into different shapes, we started posting online. We figured we'd make more designs since so many people liked it. Since we kept receiving more and more fans, we kept making more designs. Inspiration for our designs comes from our fans, my wife and myself," Isaiah told Sputnik.

    "I had a short beard for many years, but I decided to let it grow long almost five years ago. I knew I could, at least, grow a short beard since my father has had a very short beard my entire life. I did not know my beard would grow out this long though," the man said.

    Unfortunately, there is no magical secret behind his thick and healthy facial hair:

    "A beard's size, shape, look, and fullness is all based on genetics, testosterone levels and health. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to grow a longer and thicker beard. Since it is all based on genetics, if your father, grandfather, or uncles can grow a beard, then you might as well. If there is no one in your family that can grow facial hair, you will probably not be able to grow any. Don't be fooled by any products out there promising to grow your beard or make it thicker. They don't work."

    Isaiah has a #Monbeardday tradition where he publishes a photo of his creative way to wear a beard on Mondays.

    "All we use to create our styles is hairspray. To shape these styles we just use a blow dryer and hair pick. For certain designs we use a curling iron, or flat iron. We ALWAYS use a heat protectant product in my beard so we don't burn the hair," Mr. Incredibeard noted.

    Depending on what he needs to do with his beard, it takes him different amount of time to morph his facial hair into something creative. But throughout the day, he spends between 30-60 minutes taking care of his beard.

    Despite worldwide beard trends Isaiah admits facial hair isn't everything:

    "It is fun to joke about men needing to have a beard to be a real man, but the truth is, a man is more than just a beard. Some men genetically cannot grow a beard. Some races are not prone to growing facial hair either. Men without beards are great themselves. However, if you can grow a beard, I always suggest trying it out at least one time in your life."

    Happy #Monbeardday. Hope this style blows your mind! I call it Beardsplosion. #incredibeard #beard

    Фото опубликовано incredibeard™ (@incredibeard) Июн 1 2015 в 11:40 PDT

    What started for fun, has now become a serious business. Webb has his own shop at Incredibeard.com and he raises money for charity:

    "We are partnered with World Vision and their Clean Water Fund. A portion of our proceeds go to providing clean water for children throughout the world. A lack of clean water is one of the top reasons for deaths to children  five years or younger. We are very proud to say we have been able to help out over 1674 children so far," Isaiah revealed.


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